On Monday's episode of "General Hospital" Port Charles residents were putting the clues together and finally coming up with the identity of the serial killer. Detective Chase and Curtis gain access to Jordan's cell phone and gain information by listening to Franco's message. Anna adds a piece to the puzzle and they all conclude that the evil twin is living among them. Mac and his wife discuss how Kevin is acting out of character and console Lucy who can't believe her "Doc" is going to marry Ava. As the trio talks about the strange behavior of Dr.

Collins, Felicia blurts out that he is acting just like his brother. The look on her face indicates that she finally figured out the truth.

Felicia and Carly confront Ryan

Lucy walks up to Felicia and Mac as they are talking about the upcoming nuptials of "Kevin" and Ava. The Scorpio's console Ms. Coe who is heartbroken that "Doc" chose Ava instead of coming back to her. Meanwhile, Carly confronts Dr. Chamberlain in the parking garage, asking questions about Todd Wilson and Wilson Ritter. She even suggests that Ryan Chamberlain may have been the man in the room next to hers at Ferncliff.

Later, Felicia confronts "Kevin" in the garage and is rattled when he says something that jogs her memory. She walks away pretty fast when Ava shows up and viewers can see the wheels are turning in her mind.

She goes back to Lucy and Mac and announces that she was unsuccessful at getting Dr. Collins to change his mind about marrying Ava. She then had a flashback and shrieked that Kevin was acting like Ryan. When Dr. Chamberlain was shown again he was looking into the trunk of his car where Carly lay unconscious with duct tape on her wrists and over her mouth.

Curtis Anna Chase make a discovery

Curtis convinces Chase to have someone in the GCPD override Jordan's cell phone password and Mr. Ashford listens to the message. He relays to the detective that it's Franco saying the plan worked and the killer is Ryan Chamberlain. The detective says Franco is delirious and mistook Dr. Collins for his serial killer brother.

Anna and Finn walk up and they all discuss the possibility that the evil twin may be alive.

Twenty-five years after his first killing spree Ryan gained access to the people of Port Charles once again, because of the naivete of his twin. Ironically, the two people responsible for his being brought to justice are both fighting for their lives. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and make sure you don't miss "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon. Catch all the Port Charles action by tuning in at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.