"General Hospital" spoiler alerts tease that the walls are beginning to close in on Chamberlain. The serial killer now has a compound problem on his hands and no easy way to resolve it. Both his twin and his sister-in-law are now captives inside Ferncliff and he cannot keep them in this state indefinitely. Laura now understands that the man she was living with was not her beloved Kevin but his demented sibling. The entire town will be trying to find the Port Charles mayor. Lulu may be having second thoughts about her memories, and Jordan and Franco are working on a plan to flush out the town murderer.

Laura and Kevin reunited

On Monday, Laura followed Ryan to Ferncliff and saw her husband locked in one of the rooms. She called out to Kevin and he answered but then she fell to the floor. Dr. Chamberlain was then shown standing over her with a syringe in his hand. Previews for Wednesday reveal that the Port Charles mayor has been placed alongside her spouse.

Soap Hub reveals that Dr. Collins and his wife will be in real danger, as Ryan must decide how to dispose of them. Soap Dirt indicates that Lulu and others will be frantic with worry over what could have happened to the new mayor. There is always the possibility that an employee of Ferncliff would recognize Laura and it would be difficult for the demented twin to try to get both of his prisoners out of the building.

There is also the issue of the town mayor disappearing. Soap Dirt says that Port Charles will be in chaos as everyone is looking for their newly elected official.

Ryan's reign of terror in Port Charles is over

All the pieces are beginning to come together necesary for Ryan to be caught and brought to justice. Earlier spoilers indicated that Lulu will begin to question her memories and that Franco pleading guilty may cause the serial killer to rethink his plans.

It was never Dr. Chamberlain's desire for Franco to obtain the spotlight by confessing to the murders. Kevin's twin only wanted a distraction so he could take Ava way from Port Charles.

Now, however, the serial killer has to deal with Laura as well as his brother and be concerned that Lulu might remember the truth. He certainly will not like feeling the loss of control once Franco pleads guilty. There are going to be some pretty exciting, can't miss episodes coming up on "General Hospital" so be sure you stay tuned.

Once this is over, Kevin and Laura's reunion will definitely be worth the wait. Catch "GH" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 EST. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts as the Ryan Chamberlain saga comes to a close once again.