"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that there will be a race for time to stop the killing spree of Ryan before anyone else loses their life. Jordan will wake from her coma, to find that her plan worked but Franco was badly injured. The police commissioner and her husband will be bound and determined to put a stop to the man who has caused so much death and destruction. Jason will find out, from Julian, where Ava and her fiance plan to wed. Laura, who is livid that Kevin's evil twin has wreaked havoc on Port Charles will accompany Jason to Niagara Falls for the final showdown with the demented Dr.


Curtis brings Jordan up to speed

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that Jordan will soon wake from her coma and be brought up to speed on her secret plan with Franco. Curtis will fill his wife in on everything that has taken place since she was run down by Drew when he went blind while driving. Spoilers say Mrs. Ashford will be in shock to find out that Ryan Chamberlain is still alive and has been masquerading as his brother Kevin. The couple will do all they can from Port Charles to ensure that the reign of terror comes to an end.

Jordan will, no doubt, feel some guilt because Franco was stabbed when he followed through with their plan. When all is said and done, and the dust is settled, Curtis may find that his wife is in big trouble with her superiors. Mrs.

Ashford may be reprimanded for going rogue and putting Franco's life in jeopardy. Her plan did work so it's also possible that she and Bobby Frank Baldwin may possibly end up as heroes and receive recognition from mayor Laura.

Jason and Laura track Ryan down in Niagara Falls

Soap Dirt says that Jason will talk to Julian and find out that Ava and her fiance are headed to Niagara Falls for a quickie wedding.

Stone Cold will put the clues together and realize that Carly is also in the hands of the madman. Once the real Kevin is hospitalized and receiving proper treatment, Laura will decide to accompany Jason in his quest to apprehend the serial killer before he can take another life.

Spoilers indicate that after the duo arrives in Niagara Falls, there will be a confrontation on a bridge, Laura will shout to Ava that she is about to marry the evil twin and not Kevin.

Jason will have his gun pointed at Ryan who is holding his bride to be close to his side. The demented doctor will take the cowards way out by going over the bridge into the water and carrying Ava with him. Tune in to "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon on ABC, at 200 PM EST to find out how all of this ends.