Erin Krakow seems in constant motion as the caring teacher and devoted new mother, Elizabeth Thornton, on “When Calls the Heart.” In real life, the actress juggles almost as many professional and personal plates in the air. The busy and beautiful star celebrated the recent record-breaking success of the Season 6 premiere of her beloved Hallmark Channel drama by giving heartfelt thanks to the millions of “Hearties” who truly have taken the saga of rustic life in the Northwest Territory to heart.

There is even more to love on “When Calls the Heart” in the new season, since the blessed arrival of baby Jack, portrayed by twin brothers, Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor, whose lucid blue eyes and captivating smiles have a way with the camera that no other castmate can emulate.

Another handsome castmate did settle in Hope Valley on the March 3 episode, “Queen of Hearts.” Chris McNally stirred up quite the commotion as the new saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, with both secrets and swagger held close to his vest.

The new man in town has already been impressed with Elizabeth, but he already has an awkward inquiry to overcome by his errant question, so that will take some longer conversations. What speaks beyond words is a recent social media share from Erin Krakow, showing the leading lady in exquisite red lace, and riding a horse, no less, on March 5.

Displaying her characteristic humor and grace, Krakow penciled in time for a magazine feature with gorgeous photos and her favorite places around Vancouver, where the “When Calls the Heart” cast and crew bring Hope Valley to life.

Always in style

A fashion scandal began to break in Hope Valley when residents first got a glimpse of the above-the-ankle skirts worn by the telephone switchboard operator, and technical advisor in the new equipment, Fiona Miller (Kayla Wallace). As it turns out, she loves to spread secrets as much as anyone in town, but she's also the only one with her degree of telephone know how, so no one is going to scold her too hard for the moment.

It’s no secret that Erin Krakow can turn heads, whether she’s dressed in the conservative corsets and attire of the 1910s or all dolled up for her spread in Cowboys & Indians magazine. The popular publication “celebrates the life and style of the real West” in its own words, so the star of the series that celebrates the challenges of life in the Northwest Territory is a perfect subject.

Elizabeth learned on the spot and by necessity about the rigors of laundry, lighting lamps and stove fires, and long walks to the outdoor privy in the cold.

Erin Krakow heats things up while sitting on her Pinto horse. A fitted lace bodice leads to a sheer, flowing red skirt, complemented by the actress’ pensive gaze. Her followers have already been quick to comment that the magazine’s subscriber numbers are probably doubling, or multiplying by even greater numbers.

The star takes a tour of some of the scenic Vancouver locales that are her personal favorites and places where “When Calls the Heart” fans travel vicariously every Sunday night. Other photos feature Erin Krakow in crisp, sleeveless white alongside her horse.

Ready for anything

Erin is known for her playful sense of humor, which she consistently displays to fans. Her caption to the photo completely echoes her spirit, saying “When you're riding at 5, but you’ve got a red carpet at 6…”

It's no wonder that Krakow keeps herself in such beautiful shape. The Juilliard-trained thespian is a committed vegan and captures many of her own outdoor portraits of the sky, sand, and sea between travels home to her family in Florida and her “When Calls the Heart” family in Vancouver. Horseback riding was a skill displayed very early on by the star.

Another new arrival to Hope Valley will be riding into town soon. New cast member, Kevin McGarry, arrives as new Mountie, Nathan Grant, on March 17’s episode.

No matter who takes her character’s heart, Erin Krakow continues to steal hearts, from riding the range to the red carpet, and in real-life and on-screen.