A video promo for "General Hospital" implies that Ryan Chamberlain will meet his demise in a standoff with Jason Morgan. It looks like he will decide to take his beloved Ava along with him to a watery grave. In a recent tweet, Jon Lindstrom, who portrays both Kevin Collins and his evil twin teased that this may or may not be the end of the serial killer. There has been no mention of Maura West leaving "GH," so perhaps Jason or Laura, who tagged along, might save her character from drowning. All the action takes place in Niagara Falls where Ms. Jerome was supposed to marry the man of her dreams.

Now, however, she will find herself in a nightmare where her fiancee turns out to be her daughter's killer.

Ryan and Ava could drown in Niagara Falls

Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that Jason will make his way to Niagara Falls, in search of the missing Carly. On Tuesday he dialed her cell phone and heard it ringing in the hospital parking garage. Elsewhere in Port Charles Laura was confirming Franco's tale that Ryan Chamberlain is the serial killer. Earlier spoilers from CDL stated that Jason was going to seek help from Julian. This will probably be how he finds out the destination of Ava and her intended.

Soap Dirt reveals that Laura will also make her way to Niagara Falls where she warns Ava that the man she is going to marry is not Kevin but his evil twin.

Jason will hold Ryan at gunpoint and seeing no other way out, Dr. Chamberlain grabs Ms. Jerome and the duo go over a bridge into the water. This appears to be an attempt at murder-suicide but spoilers say that once again Dr. Chamberlain's body will not be found. This leaves open a door for a possible future return for the serial killer to strike again.

Nothing, however, has been said about the fate of Ms. Jerome.

Ryan leaves behind utter chaos

Ryan Chamberlain's exit will lead to utter chaos in Port Charles as everyone tries to recover from the fallout. Carly, who has been locked in the trunk of Kevin's car is pregnant, so both she and her unborn child could be in grave danger.

Ava must deal with the fact that she was in love with her daughter's killer and Lulu will eventually recover the ugly memories of what actually happened to her.

The good people of Port Charles must now admit that Franco is a hero and not the freak they continue to believe he is. Laura will soon experience heartbreak when she finds out that her husband knew his deranged sibling was alive all along. Kevin must find a way to deal with the guilt of his choices which put his friends and loved ones in danger as the damage from Ryan's many crimes is far-reaching. Be sure to watch "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.