Wendy Williams is known for asking everyone around her “How you doin’?” The question is the warm way that the star welcomes her audience like best girlfriends to their morning or evening hour of gossip and guests. For Halloween, however, it was Wendy's fans, friends, producers, and showrunners who were asking the same question about the ever-inquisitive interviewer and actress. What everyone witnessed was a tumble on stage for Wendy Williams, regally dressed in her Statue of Liberty attire.

The experience was definitely not a stunt to heighten Halloween scares for anyone, and definitely left Wendy Williams with a fright after the faint and fall.

She has returned to herself and her normal status and has nothing but thanks for the love and care extended to her.

Not so unflappable

Wendy Williams runs her weekday syndicated show like a well-oiled machine. Her faithful viewers know the names of those faithful staff with whom she converses in between her probing questions to her audience and guests. The Halloween rush must have really gotten Wendy's heart rate high because even this seasoned TV pro confessed that “it was really scary” as she related after the 6-minute interlude off the air.

Everyone watching became consumed with worry that Wendy had suffered a stroke, a heart attack, or some other devastating health issue. Paramedics ran tests after she finished the show, and found the common problem of low electrolytes, and nothing abnormal with her heart rate or blood pressure at that time.

The culprit was her drapey, foam constructed costume that contributed to overheating. With a typical Wendy Williams’ attitude, she related that she was “going through what 53-year-old women go through if you know what I mean,” under all those layers. She described feeling as though she was “in the middle of a campfire” just before dropping.

Dropping with style

The last thought Wendy Williams had before her unplanned view of the stage floor was not one of contemplating last words or a summarizing glimpse of life before her eyes. Instead, this lady kept to her penchant for landing the right look and style. “I'm going down with the crown,” she told herself. She recalls feeling “weird” and coaching herself to make it for 12 more minutes while being briefed.

She was determined to make this unfortunate instant of moving out of camera frame “as cute as I can make it.”

Next year, Wendy Williams will celebrate 10-years of her successful show, and the tears that welled up in her eyes as she spoke were as much an expression of the gratitude she felt for being so loved as they were for her health.

“I have a very, very hard work ethic,” she later said. Sometimes, no amount of hot tea from the cup and saucer always beside her can compensate for a little quiet and rest. Wendy gushed with gratitude after the incident, saying “I got all your well wishes.” The host hadn’t lost her trademark humor, taking a jab at being able to shake the paparazzi since she lives in Jersey, where they don't follow her anymore.

Williams stressed that no would-be contenders should be after her chair, insisting “I'm here for a long time.” Her certainty affirms her earlier declaration: "I'm a champ, and I'm back!"

With this spooky “Boo” given by her body taken care of, Wendy Williams can get back to doing everything she does best, and talk about the Braxton sisters.