A few weeks ago, concerned Bravo viewers watched vicki gunvalson get rushed to the hospital in Iceland. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star thought that she was having a Heart Attack but her co-star kelly dodd later revealed that her medical situation was likely caused by the Adderall that she had given Vicki earlier that day.

Pill-induced emergency

Gunvalson was taken to the hospital for "heart and blood pressure issues" after an ambulance was called to their resort. She was red in the face, complaining that it felt like her heart was beating out of her chest.

Vicki returned to the hotel later that evening and was greeted by her worried friends who presented her with the casserole she had been asking for. After a season of turmoil between the women, Vicki seemed happy to have everyone getting along and being nice to her after what happened. She then drank champagne with the women until the early hours of the morning, so it was pretty safe to say that the incident was not as serious as she had thought.

Recently, after the season had wrapped filming for "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Kelly Dodd appeared at a live taping of "Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald" where she revealed what really happened to Vicki that day.

During the "RHOC" episode, Kelly kept telling Vicki to calm down because she was likely having a panic attack.

Kelly revealed to McDonald and the live audience that she knew exactly why Vicki was feeling the way that she was-- she had given her an Adderall to "pep her up for the evening."

Did Vicki overreact?

In combination with the alcohol and high elevation in Iceland, Vicki "overreacted" because the pill may have affected her differently than she was expecting.

A Reddit user called "teoff87" relayed what Dodd revealed at the live podcast show to people online, who were shocked to hear the truth about what happened. The user went on to say that Kelly claimed, "we all know Vicki loves to fake an illness" so when "production called her bluff" by calling for emergency help, Vicki just "played along" and continued to claim she was having heart palpitations because she did not want to admit to taking an unprescribed pill.

Another person who was in the audience at Heather McDonald's show when Kelly Dodd was a guest confirmed the story and her statement about giving Vicki an Adderall.

The anonymous source revealed to "All Things Real Housewives," that Kelly also said that the ladies charged all of their food and booze to Gunvalson's room to "mess with her" and racked up a $15,000 bill during their stay. Vicki apparently flipped out and complained to producers until they took care of it for her.