"90 Day Fiance" star Larissa allegedly tried to kill herself according to a story by TMZ who followed up the battery incident from last week. Larissa took her to her Instagram to share a video showing her bloody face, saying Colt had attacked her. There were also images on social media of scratches on her body. Fans queried that as it's well-known that Colt is a chronic fingernail biter. The police also no doubt are taking that into account as they are investigating a battery case.

90 Day's Colt's version is that Larissa tried to commit suicide

According to Colt's side of the story, she went into the bathroom and downed a half bottle of antidepressants, and punched him in the mouth.

TMZ wrote, "She told cops during her shower, Colt was playing with the lights and continued to annoy her by touching her inappropriately. Larissa also claimed Colt grabbed her by the hair and pinned her to the ground." For police officers, the tale of 'he said...she said,' is not all that easy to investigate.

The whole "90 Day Fiance" fiasco allegedly arose over an argument about the purchase of p*rn. TV Shows Ace carried a story about Larissa, saying, "Larissa says that she is really hurt and that Colt called the police first." A "second video was also shared, but it is a bit confusing on what it has to do with what went down tonight." TMZ's report, combined with earlier reports like that, show that this seems to have been a real down and out domestic screaming, hitting, scratching match.

Colt threatens to prosecute, police say injuries self-inflicted

Many details of the fight were shared by John Yates, a well-known "90 Day Fiance" insider on Twitter.

His many tweets seemed to originate from Larissa and her best friend Carmen. In all fairness to John Yates, he did also share a photo of Colt's injuries to his mouth. One of the posts he shared showed a conversation from Carmen, Larissa's friend. Colt said he would "make sure you are both prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." Whether Colt meant Larissa and Carmen or John Yates and Carmen, is not clear.

In any event, the ugly mess could well end up with Larissa being deported as she was already arrested for battery before. TMZ wrote, "Larissa had been busted for domestic violence twice in the last 6 months." According to them, the police also determined that Larissa had allegedly inflicted damage to her own body.

John Yates tweets the divorce and steps back from this couple

While John Yates got quite a lot of media coverage as he followed the story and put it out there for fans of "90 Day Fiance," he seems to be over the whole thing, as much as fans of the show are. His last say cited @auntiesadvice and said, "As for me, I just want to get back to the place where we are all laughing again." That came after he notified people that ET Online reported Colt had filed for divorce Friday.

What do you think about the allegations that Larissa tried to kill herself and then inflicted injuries on herself? Do think the divorce is the best way to end this?

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