Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" reveal that Phyllis is about to find out that what goes around comes around. Her dirty dealings and backstabbing practices are about to come back to haunt her in a very big way. Billy and Jack are outraged that she sold out Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon regarding J.T.'s murder and the Abbott brothers will resume their vendetta against the woman they both once loved. Their determination to oust her from the company their father John Abbott built will increase and they may have help from two unlikely sources.

It's possible that even Kerry and Lauren will turn the tables on the fiery redhead.

Billy and Jack focus on ousting Phyllis

Soap Dirt indicates that Jack and his younger sibling will resume their plan to remove Phyllis from the CEO position at Jabot. Initially, Ms. Summers was on guard and seeing conspiracy in every move the brothers made. She has recently been so overwhelmed by the secret of her involvement with moving J.T.'s body that she has let her guard down. On Friday, things got worse when it was found out that Phyllis cut a deal with Christine. She is allowed to roam free, while Victoria, Niki, and Sharon remain in jail without bail.

Billy is outraged especially because of the love of his life, Victoria is involved.

Spoilers say he will stop working at the Jabot office and set up shop in Vicky's home. He will also convince his older brother that the time has come to put their plan in action. Jack and his baby brother will strike while the iron is hot and Phyllis is most vulnerable. Spoiler alerts also indicate that they may have some help with their vendetta.

Kerry and Lauren may turn on Phyllis

Celeb Dirty laundry indicates that there are two others who may be allies to those who want to kick Phyllis while she is down. The spoiler suggests that Kerry may assist Jack once she finds out how devious her new boss can be. As the Jabot chemist, Ms. Johnson is certainly in a position to plot sabotage from the inside.

CDL also suggests that Lauren may turn her back on her friend out of sheer frustration,

CDL says Lauren will not be in agreement with the way Phyllis will decide to handle things with the Jabot board. Mrs. Baldwin may decide that her own company Fenmore's may suffer because of recent events. Victor and Nick will be nipping at her heels, her former husband and his brother are planning a coup, and there is no telling what Lauren and Kerry will decide to do. Stay tuned to "Y&R" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1230 PM EST and be on the lookout for spoiler updates.