A number of "General Hospital" viewers believed that the serial killer storyline would mean more screen time for Mac and Felicia. After all, twenty-five years ago it was Mrs. Scorpio who Ryan Chamberlain was obsessed with. Initially, the Scorpio's were involved when Lulu began talking about writing a story related to the quarter-century anniversary of the seven killings in Port Charles. Things shifted, however, when Kevin's evil twin took a shine to a kindred spirit, Ava Jerome. Maxi's mom and stepdad remained on recurring status and were rarely on camera, but now spoiler alerts indicate they will be back in the swing of things.

Mac and Felicia back in action

Soap Hub recently revealed that Mac and Felicia are going to have more screen time as the Ryan Chamberlain storyline comes to a close. Right now they are pretty much out of the loop on everything and no details were given on how they would be worked into current Port Charles events. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that things will be heating up with Jordan fighting for her life and Laura, Kevin, and Franco all trying to find a way out of Ferncliff but nothing was said about the Scorpio's.

Maxie's parents may play a role in finding Kevin and Laura or they could figure out that Ryan is the one roaming the streets of Port Charles. However the writers include them, fans will be thrilled to see more of this beloved couple.

The last few times they were seen was when Mac was giving Peter the riot act about dating Maxie. Felicia and her spouse have not had any love scenes or been a part of crucial storylines for quite some time.

GH can do better by Felicia and Mac

When it comes to the older characters, Sonny and Carly remain front and center on "General Hospital" as do Ryan and Ava.

Laura is now on the front burner after months of being completely away from Port Charles. John J York and Kristina Wagoner, however, are rarely utilized although they are just as talented. Once the Ryan Chamberlain saga is completed, fans will want Mac and Felicia to remain in the midst of the drama.

Earlier spoiler alerts indicate that there will be a lot of chaos this week, as the people of Port Charles come to grips with Ryan being alive and impersonating his twin.

Mac and Felicia work together well and could put their detective skills to good use. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and continue watching "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.