This week the drama intensifies on "The Young and the Restless" for the Rosales family. Rey will realize that the earring found near his sister after her attack belongs to his wife. The detective will confront Mia who will confess all and drop an additional bombshell on her spouse. Viewers, however, who are concerned about the lack of screen time for the veteran characters in Genoa city don't need to be alarmed. Beginning Monday there will be plenty of excitement for the Abbott family as well and it centers around Jabot. Billy and Jack will now intensify their plan to boot Phyllis out of their family company.

Mia makes two confessions to Rey

Soaps She Knows reveals that Mia will make two startling confessions to her husband on Monday. The spoiler says that Rey will be looking over the evidence related to Lola's accident and find something that shakes him to the core. He will realize that the earring found near the Abbott pool is one of a pair that he gave his wife. Mrs. Rosales will admit that she as trying to teach Abby a lesson and had no idea that her sister in law was wearing Arturo's fiancee's coat.

Mia will then ask her husband not to put her in jail because she is carrying his trial. This puts Rey in the hot seat of protecting his unborn son or daughter and seeking justice for Lola. Spoilers don't say what he will do but at least now, detective Rosales understands the predicament that Sharon, Victoria, Phyllis, and Nikki were in regarding J.T.

It will be interesting to find out who he puts first in this situation; justice, his sister, his unborn child, or his wife.

Billy and Jack team up against Phyllis

Soap Dirt says that Jack and his younger brother will reignite their plan to oust Phyllis as the Jabot CEO because she turned on the rest of the cover-up gang. The initial passion of the Abbot brothers seemed to be put on the back burner during the last few months, but now they will pull out all the stops.

Billy is even going to stop going to the office and work from home, not his own but Victoria's.

It sounds like J.T. Helstrom's alleged death is going to bring Billy and Victoria close to each other which should please longtime fans of the couple. Earlier spoilers reported that Thad Luckinbill was seen on "The Young and the Restless" set so it looks like this storyline will soon be wrapped up. Be sure to tune in Monday for Mia's confession and to find out what plan of action the Abbot siblings will take.