Erin Krakow, who stars as “When Calls the Heart” teacher Elizabeth Thornton, is set to have the busiest and most blessed year of her life on-screen as a new mother to precious baby Jack while still fulfilling her calling to teach the children of Hope Valley. No matter the challenges, Elizabeth and the other residents of the close-knit Northwest Territory community always make time to support one another or a crucial need.

A trait she has in common with her character, Erin Krakow consistently makes time to share sweet and special moments from her series and sometimes, a few peaks at life off-camera.

“When Calls the Heart” premieres its sixth season tonight, February 24, and the actress took to Twitter to launch “Speak Peak Saturday” on February 23.

Erin mentions that she will feature a behind-the-scenes look from her Hallmark Channel series every Saturday through the new season. Along with promoting the cherished drama, she does her best to stir up viewers for castmate, Kavan Smith, in his new movie, too. It's no wonder why Erin Krakow keeps the best recipe for friendship.

Not little for long

In the first shared glimpse, younger co-stars, including Jaiven Natt, Gracyn Shinyei, and Genea Charpentier, who portray Elizabeth Thornton’s students, are gathered at the general store, appearing to be discussing a special purchase.

Perhaps they are planning a special baby gift for their teacher, as the premiere may reveal.

Many fans will recall the young cast as “littles” not very long ago, and time truly does fly.

Every mother can feel for Elizabeth in the exclusive clip of “When Calls the Heart” that she previewed on her February 21 visit to “Home & Family.” Florence (Loretta Walsh) has to lovingly prompt the teacher not to be late for her first day back to teaching, and give just one more snuggle to her son. She makes it out the door, but not before taking one last, long look at her baby boy.

The growing years go by so quickly, especially in TV land. In a blink, baby Jack will become a toddler, then a growing boy.

More kinds of new arrivals

Erin Krakow reiterated that Elizabeth won't quickly be diving into any new relationships, even with the welcome of two handsome new residents to Hope Valley. Her attention and affections will be focused on motherhood, but still, she may notice one, or both new gentlemen, giving her a gaze. Hardly anything can be secret for long in the small community, and the Sunday nights to come are certain to hold delights and surprises.

The star hinted that technology will be coming to Hope Valley in big ways, and with a mixed reception. She noted that Rosemary, portrayed perfectly by Pascale Hutton, will take to the arrival of the telephone in the remote town like a bear to honey since it will facilitate her sharing all the latest town news.

Bill Avery (Jack Wagner), on the other hand, has a hard time getting to know Alexander Graham Bell's new-fangled gadget. Rosemary was already a groundbreaking force in being the first woman driver of Hope Valley, so the expansion of Ford Motors shouldn't be an issue for her or her neighbors.

Erin Krakow often shares looks from fashion shoots, and she forecasted that the dresses may be rising above the ankle in the Northwest Territory. Rosemary is always fashion forward with her dress designs, so it will be fun to see how the ladies take to the new trend.

Cooking up support

Kavan Smith, who plays Rosemary's loving husband and lumber mill owner, Leland Coulter, has a reputation for fine cooking among the cast, and Erin Krakow hopefully tempted viewers to watch her co-star’s new Hallmark movie, “Love on the Menu,” which premiered on February 23.

Krakow assured that Smith had created the culinary viewing treat “from scratch,” and personally endorsed it in great taste.

No matter how busy this beautiful brunette stays, whether on set or on her own time, she always makes time to give something tasty to loyal “When Calls the Heart” fans.