Spoilers alerts have just released some really great news for viewers of "The Young and the Restless." It looks like one of the least popular storylines is about to be concluded and a long time fan favorite will soon be on screen once again.

Set insiders reported that Thad Luckinbill was recently seen while the show was being filmed and Doug Davidson just announced on social media his return date to his home away from home for four decades. This indicates that police chief Paul Williams will soon be back in action in Genoa City and that the J.T.

is alive and his murder mystery will finally be solved.

Doug and Thad will cross paths again on 'Y&R'

Soap Hub says that Paul was last seen just after J.T. disappeared and that Doug Davidson told social media followers that his return date to "The Young and the Restless" would be on March 25. Before he disappeared, the GCPD police chief was doing his best to figure out what happened to J, T, and now will return just in time to close the case. Spoilers don't say how Paul will be written back into the show and fans probably don't even care. Loyal viewers are just glad this 40-year veteran is returning.

Soap Dirt confirms that Thad Luckinbill was spotted on the "Y&R" set, but neither spoiler has given details of how this storyline will play out.

There is no way viewers will ever find out now how Mal Young was going to finalize this particular plot and SD suggests that perhaps the new head writer Josh Griffith may keep Victoria's ex-husband around. One thing that is certain is that the cover-up gang will no longer be accused of murder. They will, however, have to pay for the many other crimes they committed while trying to cover up their actions.

'Y&R' will now get back on track

By the time Doug Davidson returns to the screen in March, it will be Josh Griffith's work that "Y&R" viewers will see. Loyal fans are hopeful that the new head writer will repair the damage that Mal Young caused in Genoa City when he was running things. Bringing Paul back and putting an end to the J.T, the saga is probably just the beginning of things getting back on track.

A number of "Y&R" viewers have expressed the same sentiment that Eric Braeden has on social media. They don't like the way Young put the new Rosales family front and centre over longtime veterans of the CBS show. Fans have also taken issue with storylines that seemed to change Genoa City history. Now, with Doug Davidson as well as Thad Luckinbill in Genoa City again there is hope for a brighter future.