Lori Loughlin has been cherished on TV screens and in big screen roles for 30 years. With her kind of credibility, the actress could probably beg off the usual public relations commitments and take Valentine's Day all for herself and her family and she chose. Instead, the perennial beauty was on the beat on Valentine's Day, doing the press rounds to promote the premiere of “When Calls the Heart” on February 24 with multiple morning show friends.

To say that time has been kind to Lori Loughlin would be a massive understatement. The actress first came to “Today” on February 14.

She got her typical warm welcome from Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, but their guest host, Meghan Trainor, melted into complete “fangirl” mode. “I know what you look like, but in person, you are so stunning,” the singer-songwriter gushed.

The 54-year-old mom of three is a look-alike of daughters, Bella and Olivia, both in college and on her next stop, with “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” the ageless actress had to tell the hosts which one was which in her recent 10-year challenge picture post on social media. “Maybe I should change my hair a little,” she teased, but she did admit to the fourth-hour “Today” co-hosts that “good genes” are a big part of her beauty that never seems to fade.

The deeper things matter

Lori looked stunning in a straight-hair shortcut and stylish pantsuit, very different from her “When Calls the Heart” wardrobe. She continues to resist wearing a corset in costume, so far, but her figure really doesn't require it. Like her character, Abigail Stanton, Loughlin expresses gratitude for the deeper themes of the Hallmark Channel drama and for the loyalty of the millions of “Hearties” who never miss an episode.

Both Lori Loughlin and husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannuli, had dates with their mothers on Valentine's Day since Lori’s series-related duties kept them apart. Beauty inside and out seems to run in the family. “My mom is 83, and she looks phenomenal,” praises daughter Loughlin.

Lori Loughlin did sadly confirm that the current “Fuller House” run on Netflix would be the last for the reboot series.

It was picked up for 18 episodes, and “I thought we were doing quite well for Netflix,” says the star, “I guess they have their reasons.”

Meanwhile, “When Calls the Heart” is chugging full steam ahead toward Season 6. “We’re the little show that could,” Loughlin enthusiastically insists, noting the 5 million plus viewers that tuned in on Christmas Day for the movie feature that brought the arrival of baby Jack Thornton into the world of Hope Valley. She called the “Hearties” “a force of nature” to the series’ success.

Beyond the masses of women and men who proudly shared their “Hearties” love, Lori Loughlin reflects that the “simpler time” of the drama, set in the Northwest Territory of the 1900s, centers around “family and community and love and helping others and being kind,” all qualities that seem to be fading from mainstream network schedules, and certainly from daily news cycles.

Coming around again

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa couldn't resist challenging Lori Loughlin to a bubblegum blowing face-off, literally, the kind that the star last took on with her co-star and pal, Erin Krakow. Lori’s prowess for producing prize bubbles left Ryan in the dust. She doesn't have to worry about losing her champions title anytime soon.

The cast of “When Calls the Heart” frequently engage in fun both on set and off, and producer, Brian Bird, who wrote for years on “Touched by an Angel,” is glad to see a trend of faith and “feel good” positive television returning to prime time slots.

Lori Loughlin will be spending time with another good friend from her television past, Rob Estes, from “90210.” His character will be coming through Hope Valley as an artist once close to Abigail Stanton.

No one knows just how long he will be staying in Season 6.

The beloved actress has always used her talent to brighten the lives of her fans and her co-stars, and she is ever-grateful to them for proving their love and loyalty.