"Ball in the Family": After telling his dad that he wanted to return to high school for his senior year, Melo has finally settled at SPIRE academy while his brother Gelo and the JBA USA team go to Macedonia as part of their international tour.

Melo is from Chino Hills, California but for his senior year of high school, he will attend SPIRE academy in Geneva, Ohio. The weather difference between those two places was huge and Melo was reluctant to go outside in the cold.

Just the beginning

When they got there, LaVar Ball met the two CEO's of SPIRE academy as well as the head coach of the basketball team, Jermaine "JJ" Jackson.

Jermaine is a former NBA player who played for the Pistons, Hawks, Bucks, and Raptors. He said that his skill set wasn't great but his work ethic was very good.

As they toured the place, it was revealed that SPIRE is 750,000 square feet with tons of sports venues and facilities. Melo said that he is really excited to be at SPIRE and that the facilities look amazing.

To introduce Melo to the media, SPIRE organized an introductory press conference for him. At the conference, Melo said that he wanted to go to a "top-notch" college after he graduates high school. Jermaine said that he thinks Melo is the best player in the world for his age.

Immediately after the press conference, it was revealed that some schools don't want to play SPIRE because they have Melo on their team who used to play professional basketball.

If schools played against SPIRE with Melo on the team, it could strip opposing of teams eligibility to play in big tournaments and other events. Despite this reason, Jermaine saw it as fear from other schools and Alan saw it as schools too scared to lose against SPIRE.

As he settled in, Melo met his teammates and was seen working out.

Melo lifted weights for the first time in a long time which he found difficult. When the team went out for dinner, Melo bonded with Jermaine's youngest son who's 11-years-old by spitting spitballs at each other. Melo said that Jermaine's 11-year-old son reminds him of himself a little bit.

To get Melo to build chemistry with his teammates, Jermaine organized an exhibition game for the team and on Melo's first shot attempt, he air balled it.

After the game, Melo was seen being interviewed by media outlets.


With just a week left of the JBA international tour, the team headed to Macedonia. At the hotel, the elevator was bad so the players took the stairs to get to their rooms. When Gelo and Deon who his roommate got up to their room, they heard a stray dog barking.

In Macedonia, the JBA were set to play the top team and reigning champs Robitnicki. When they got to the stadium, all the players were cold as the stadium itself was cold and had a really bad heater. What was even worse was the fact that the locker room was ugly and had spiders all over the room.

JBA USA struggled early in the game as Robotnicki was hitting multiple three-point shots and the JBA team wasn't playing good defense.

At the end of the first quarter, JBA was down 41-17. As the game went on, JBA USA caught up but near the end of the game, J Ray wasn't playing well and took stupid shots. JBA lost to Robotnicki 127-122 which put an end to their winning streak.

Next episode

After all "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode 11, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, Zo and DMO talked about DMO's love life and Denise talked to her sister about the situation between her and Zo.