Darlene Love and Meghan Trainor come from different generations, but the singers share much in common besides being in the same business. Darlene Love is a legend in the music business, having sung with a cavalcade of the most acclaimed vocal stars over 50 years. Meghan Trainor has become one of the most talented young singer-songwriters to inspire listeners over the past several years. Despite their age difference, both talented ladies share a deep respect for musical lore and the classics in song, and both have Grammys on their shelves.

On Valentine's Day, February 14, Darlene Love and Meghan Trainor made the perfect ambassadors for the day of love on the “Today” show.

One has all the wisdom and crafting accumulated through the generations, the other is reveling in newlywed bliss. Both gorgeous ladies have a lot to say, and sing, about love.

Living long, loving long

Darlene Love has received much acclaim for taking a permanent place on late-night host David Letterman's Christmas show stage, but her voice was acclaimed since the early 60s by notorious “wall of sound” producer, Phil Spector. The singer reflected on her decades in the music industry while she sat with “Today” third-hour crew of Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones, and Craig Melvin on the comfy sofa. The classy lady would mention nary a word about having a favorite among any of the tremendous talents with whom she has sung in her career, only that she never imagined singing with Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, Dionne Warwick, or Cher.

She did put the word out that she would love to work with Barbra Streisand, and since both ladies seem still in their vocal prime, let's hope that collaboration can happen soon.

Darlene Love is thriving at 77 and still has a booked engagement calendar this week. She explained that “Phil would never really let me sing out,” but, in live performances, she can “give everything God gave" her.

Being a grandmother and great-grandmother only deepens her commitment to her husband of 35 years. If she is not performing on Valentine's Day, she and hubby, Alton Allison, love to curl up on the floor, “drink wine and have popcorn,” while watching movies. One of those movies could be Darlene’s Netflix film “Rush,” in which she says “I'm the comedy,” playing opposite a nephew DJ who has just been fired.

Time together has only deepened the bond between the couple. “I'm still so in love,” insists the singer, who declares that respect is essential in relationships. “We don't walk over one another,” Love asserts. Al Roker booked Darlene Love for an advance engagement to return for the holiday season and sing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”

Beyond bliss

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were thrilled to welcome Meghan Trainor to their “Today” fourth hour. The singer, who wrote the most recent theme song for KLG and Hoda’s segment, had all the support she could wish for with hubby Daryl Sabara just off camera, beaming with a smile.

Trainor selected the “Today” show for the premiere of her “Marry Me” music video.

The touching montage features actual wedding glimpses from the day that the bride and groom exchanged vows, including her dad shedding tears of joy and pride. Daryl also surprised his bride with a full-on song-and-dance routine that was also featured.

The inspiration for the song came easily to Meghan Trainor, who wrote the words on tour. She knew within six days that, as she said, “he's the one,” but held back her overflow of such certainty to allow family and friends to get used to the union. Sabara also confirms that the feeling of forever love was near-instant for him as well, saying “I knew as soon as I saw her,” when the two met.

Kathie Lee Gifford couldn't help but be swept up in the joy of “young love.” The host had her Valentine fun this week on Monday, when her favorite guest, Craig Ferguson, sat alongside her and Hoda.

They retold the story of Kathie Lee losing her “modesty guard” while filming a scene for their movie,” Then Came You,” on a very hot day in Scotland. Ferguson said he could not bear to live in a world without sex or his colorful choice of language during a game of “Would You Rather…” The good friends also insisted that haggis can be tasty, especially when prepared by Ferguson's wife.

The twinkling lights against the midnight black featured in Trainor and Sabara’s ceremony actually adorned Trainor’s backyard, where she decided on the vows very early. Meghan Trainor is one of the busiest artists these days, but that doesn't mean she won't slow down for children at some point. She confesses that she wouldn't mind having six children, while Daryl would be content with two. There's plenty of time for the couple to come to terms about that issue later. For now, the focus is just to celebrate becoming “we” and remembering the day that created “Marry Me.”