Kailyn Lowry called out her former girlfriend Dominique Potter during an interview with Hollywood Life earlier this week. Speaking to the outlet, days ago, the mother of three and "Teen Mom 2" star, for the past several years, opened up about her struggles with dating while living her life in the public eye. She also slammed Potter for selling stories about her and their past romance during their months-long relationship years ago.

“I dated somebody who went to the tabloids and sold interviews to, and I just am nervous to date somebody else on TV," Lowry shared, adding that dating in the public eye gives her potential suitors a platform to use her behavior against her.

Lowry then confirmed she was speaking about her one-time girlfriend Potter and said she was completely shocked to be betrayed by someone in such a way. "Even my son’s fathers have done that," she shared, giving a nod to her three baby daddies, including Jo Rivera, Javi Marroquin, and Chris Lopez.

Will Kailyn Lowry get married again?

Lowry recently opened up about her future dating relationships on Twitter, telling her fans and followers that she would never again allow one of her partners to appear alongside her on "Teen Mom 2." That said, when Hollywood Life asked Lowry if she would ever consider a second marriage, she confirmed she was open to the idea, as long as she found the right person to commit to.

Lowry also wants to have a fourth child but isn't open to having a fourth baby daddy.

Dominique Potter lashed out after split from Kailyn Lowry

Following a months-long relationship after Lowry's split from Chris Lopez, Dominique Potter lashed out at the reality star on Twitter by suggesting she was concerned about having possibly caught an STD or STI from her.

In a post shared with her followers at the time, Potter said she immediately went to her doctor's office after the breakup to make sure she was still in good health after embarking on a romance with Lowry. "I went and got tested for every STD/STI possible the very next day because I knew I didn't trust her," Potter wrote in a since-deleted post on Twitter.

Since her breakup, Lowry has been keeping her private dating life to herself as she continues to face rumors regarding a possible reconciliation with her former boyfriend Chris Lopez.

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