"General Hospital" spoiler alerts tease that some interesting storylines are about to unfold for a number of Port Charles residents. Spinelli has been digging into Shiloh's past trying to uncover the truth about the Dawn of Day founder. He now has hit pay dirt and will reveal to Jason that the cult leader was involved in a murder. This will only heighten the worry everyone has for Kristina and push Sam to get more involved. Franco will be shocked when Elizabeth suggests they tie the knot while he is in jail. Liz wants the art therapist as well as well as everyone else to know she is standing by her man.

Sonny and Carly who don't realize yet that Wiley is their grandson are going to find out that they themselves will soon be getting a visit from the stork.

Franco shocked at what Liz proposes

Soap Opera Spy indicates that Liz will go above and beyond to prove her love for her man. She will suggest to Franco that they get married in the PCPD jail. On Tuesday Jordan told Curtis that she had doubts about the art therapist being the serial killer but was going to throw the book at Scott Baldwin's son anyway. The police commissioner may believe that officially filing charges may just flush out the real murderer. Previous spoilers have revealed that Jordan is going to offer Franco a deal. It sounds like she wants him to play along with her idea but there is no indication as to whether or not Liz is in on the charade.

She may simply decide to marry her fiance in spite of his being officially charged as the serial killer.

Sonny and Carly may have a baby on the way

Earlier spoiler alerts teased that Ned and Olivia may soon be expecting a new edition but those reports obviously were incorrect. Soap Hub and Soap Opera Spy both now confirm that it is Sonny and Carly who will soon find out they are expecting a little bundle of joy.

The Corinthos family has been so caught up in consoling Michael over the death of Jonah and dealing with Mia's Alzheimer's disease. There is also Oscar's tumor which for now is not growing. Both "GH" spoilers reveal that it has been a long time since Carson has had any scenes that were just about the two of them. If a bay is on the way this will bring the couple closer.

Spinelli gets the goods on Shiloh

Soap Opera Spy reveals that Spinelli will give Jason the ammunition he needs to prove that Shiloh is up to no good. The computer geek will find proof that the cult leader's past includes a brush with murder. The spoiler teases that Drew may know something about it and that might be why Shiloh came to Port Charles. It could be that he desires his former army buddy's memories to remain suppressed because they could cause him a lot of trouble. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.