Julexis fans have been dealt another blow by the powers that be on "General Hospital." Kim decided to take Julian back and Alexis has met a new man by the name of Neil. Every time the storyline seems to be heading in a direction where Sam's parents will rekindle their fiery passion, a curveball is thrown at the relationship. Mr. Jerome was released from Pentonville prison in October of 2017 and loyal viewers have waited patiently to see the heat that he and Ms. Davis bring to their shared scenes. Instead, there has been nothing but stumbling blocks put in their way and the couple at this point don't seem to be getting any closer.

Kim and Julian don't have Julexis chemistry

Soap Dirt reveals that Alexis will meet up with Kim for a chat this week. The spoiler says there is no indication as to whether the women will make amends or spar over Julian. Both have done a good job of being civil towards one another lately, but their relationship often involves walking on thin ice. Ms. Davis is fighting her feelings for her ex-husband and trying to appear supportive of his relationship with Oscar's mother. She tried to force herself on Dr. Finn and now may have set her sights on a new man in Port Charles.

On Friday Alexis ran into Neil twice so it appears "General Hospital" may be attempting to steer her romantic life in a different direction.

Spoilers had alluded to the possibility that "Julexis" might reunite after Julian let Kim think they slept together. Instead, Dr. Nero forgave "Charlie" and took him back. Missing from this union, however, is the fire and passion that the former mob boss and the lawyer had whenever they were together. Loyal fans have been cheated out of their steamy love scenes and a passionate reunion.

"Jim" simply does not have that same chemistry.

Alexis and Julian have been sidelined

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that in coming weeks Ryan Chamberlin will continue to be front and center and suggest that Valerie may join the ranks of the serial killer's victims. This indicates that the meeting with Kim and Alexis probably will probably not be that significant.

Now that M. Davis has met Neil, it looks like any reunion with her former spouse has been sidelined.

Should Neil and Alexis begin dating, "Charlie" may examine his true feelings, admit he is jealous and dump Kim. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to find out what happens next for "Jim" and Julexis." Continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on CBS to find out which woman Julian Jerome ends up with.