Brtyni Sarpy joined the "General Hospital" cast in 2004 as Valerie, the niece of Luke and Bobbi Spencer. She had an affair with her cousin Lulu's husband, while in the police academy, and later became a detective. Her relationship with Curtis was short lived and a possible union with Kristina was nipped in the bud. For whatever reason, the "GH" writers seemed to never figure out how to develop this character or utilize the talents of her portrayer. Now, their loss is a big gain for "The Young and the Restless," as Ms. Sarpy has signed a contract with the CBS soap and will be soon arriving in Genoa City as Elena Dawson.

Goodbye GH, hello Y&R

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Brytni Sarpy has signed a contract with "TheYoung and the Restless" which indicates that she will now get the screen time that "General Hospital" never gave her. The actress will portray Elena Dawson and Soaps She Knows says she will interact with major players in Genoa City. Valerie never seemed to find her place in Port Charles and lately would only show up to arrest suspects or talk to Kristina.

CDL says Valerie may exit Port Charles by becoming one of serial killer Ryan Chamberlin's victims. Perhaps detective Spencer will find evidence linking the doctor to the murders and the stabbing of her cousin Lulu. Considering she was rarely on screen and did not interact with her family in recent months, it's possible that "GH" will simply have Brytni Sarpy's character disappear and not be mentioned anymore.

So long Valerie, welcome Elena

Soaps She Knows does not detail how or why Elena will arrive in Genoa City, or which characters she will first connect with. She could become a love interest for Devon or Nate, both of whom are currently single. Maybe she will catch the eye of Finn and cause Ana to become jealous. "Y&R" may even have the character to be a prison mate of Lily who is trying to straighten out her life.

However Ms. Dawson is developed, viewers will get to see more of Brtyni Sarpy on screen now than they did when she was in Port Charles.

Stay tuned for updated spoiler alerts to find out more about Brtyni Sarpy's exit from Port Charles and her debut in Genoa City. Soaps She Knows says the actress will first appear in her new role this coming week, which indicates there are not many if any final scenes left as Valerie. "Y&R" airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 130 PM EST. Catch "General Hospital" at 2:00 PM EST Monday through Friday on ABC.