All things seem to be working together, on "General Hospital," to incriminate Franco as the Port Charles serial killer, but spoilers say the tables will soon turn. Naturally, his father and his fiancee will believe in his innocence, but others may also come to the conclusion that he is being set up. Jordan may begin seeing through the circumstantial evidence and realize the real murderer is using Franco as a fall guy. She might even ask the artist to help her flush out the real culprit. Lulu could always regain her real memories, plus an overconfident Ryan just might hammer the nails in his own coffin.

The doctor's desire for attention might get the better of him and lead to his arrest.

Jordan and Lulu may exonerate Franco

Scott and Liz will be in Franco's corner no matter what but without evidence, they cannot save him. Soap Dirt suggests that when the hype settles down, Jordan may realize that Franco is being set up, just like Carly and Griffin were. The spoiler says she may even ask Mr. Baldwin to work with her to catch the real serial killer who viewers know is Ryan. There is also a chance that Lulu may recover her true memories, but Celeb Dirty Laundry says there may be no one to believe her.

If, however, the police commissioner and Laura's daughter work together and utilize the detective skills of Curtis, it's possible they may put all the clues together and realize Ryan has been playing them all.

For now, however, Celeb Dirty Laundry says that chaos and confusion will reign in Port Charles and it will look as if the demented doctor's plan is working. The downfall of this repeat "General Hospital" serial killer just may come at his own hands.

Ryan may dig his own grave

Dr. Chamberlain wants nothing more than to leave Port Charles with Ava but may be unable to walk away from his crime spree.

Both spoilers point out that Ryan loves attention and may not like Franco getting all the glory and attention for his crimes. It's possible his ego will trip him up and Kevin's evil twin will dig his own grave. CDL teases that Griffin Monroe may be the next victim, and Ryan just might kill him while Franco is still in lockup.

There are many loose ends that could lead to Ryan being revealed as the serial killer. Lulu could regain her true memories and convince everyone to believe her, Scott and Liz may uncover evidence or Jordan and Curtis figure it all out. Kevin might even find a way to reach out to Laura from Ferncliff and.warn her of what is really going on. Should the cocky doctor kill again with Franco locked up, this would turn things in a different direction, so stay tuned. February sweeps is going to pretty interesting.