Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that some exciting episodes are coming up during February sweeps. The center of attention in Port Charles will revolve around Dawn of Day and Nelle's baby. Kristina will find herself wrestling with the green-eyed monster as she alienates her family and tries her best to please Shiloh. Sam and Jason will pretend to break up but continue seeing each other in private, which may put them in a dangerous situation. Brad has been frantic and now his worst fear may become a reality. The truth about what he did to obtain baby Wiley may be close to being revealed.

JaSam goes undercover

On Friday, Sam told Jason that the best way for her to infiltrate Dawn of Day is for them to let the world believe that they are no longer together. She wants Shiloh to think she is needy and vulnerable so she can get dirt on him and his organization. Soaps She Knows says that this move could put JaSam in danger and that Kristina is going to be dealing with jealousy. Soap Dirt indicates that Sam will be spending Valentine's Day with a man who is not Jason, so It's possible that she and Shiloh will be together and this is why her sister will be so distraught. Spoilers also say, Margaux, will have a connection and it's possible she is the cult leader's ex-wife.

No one knows the whole truth about Dawn of Day or how Shiloh really feels about the woman who stole his inheritance.

Should he find out that JaSam is only pretending to be broken up, his true feelings may emerge and he could be very dangerous. Krissy could even be the one to find out that Jason and Sam are still an item and go blabbing to her mentor, thus putting both their lives in jeopardy Spoilers say she will alienate those who love her in order to please Shiloah so who knows how far she will go.

It looks like Alexis is going to have her hands full worrying about her girls.

Brad is fearful of being found out

Soaps She Knows reveals that Brad is going to be all over the place during February Sweeps. He found out last week that Willow is the birth mother of the child that he and Lucas adopted who died. Ms. Tate, however, does not know her baby did not live and thinks Wiley is her son.

Julian warned her to stay away from his grandson and asked Brad to keep his distance from the school teacher. This may be difficult as Willow is friends with Michael, who is Wiley's godfather and often watches the child.

Brad knows that Nelle is a ticking time bomb and could expose that she is Wiley's birth mother at any time. He is fearful that Willow may cause trouble and is tired of keeping the secret he shares with Julian. He is nervous that Michael is bonding with his godson, who is actually the baby boy he thought had died. Be sure not to miss one episode of "General Hospital" during February sweeps because if spoilers are correct, Port Charles residents will be in rare form.