The eighth episode of the promotional anime of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" finally has a release date. According to the official website of the Japanese card game, the episode will be broadcast on the web starting from February 24. The anime is currently in the midst of a multiple universe-spanning war as a league of strong new villains have arrived with the intent of eliminating the Omni-Kings, and fans are wondering what's to come next.

Upcoming episode

As had occurred in the first seven episodes of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," the eighth will be available for streaming on the YouTube, and certainly in the following hours will be republished (by fans) with subtitles in English.

In the meantime, what follows is the official synopsis. The upcoming episode of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" is titled, "The invasion of the worst supreme warrior! The Sixth Universe is destroyed!"

The ferocious combined attack launched by Oren and Kamin forces Trunks and others to support a very bitter fight. In the middle of the fight, a warrior belonging to the Core Area Warriors and called Hearts suddenly descends into the field, revealing his shocking plan.

Judging from the synopsis, one would say that the Sixth Universe is one step away from total annihilation. Consequently, we can not help but wonder what happened to Lord Champa and why he has not yet intervened. Is it possible that Zamasu and his equally evil allies have already got rid of the God of Destruction?

Fans will get every answer very soon.

The fans who follow the series might already know that "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" is currently at the center of a huge conflict that involves more universes. The new enemies, of the series, are ready to bring the chaos in order to reach their goal of eliminating Zeno.

The new narrative arc that will tell us about the aforementioned events is called " Universal Conflict."

Goku on the verge of death

Just to promote this new saga, makes have published a key visual that shows fans a very small glimpse into what we're going to see in the coming weeks. The images can be found at the bottom of the article (contained in the Twitter post of the user @Spytrue).

In the front of the image, Vegeta and Trunks dal Futuro are clearly visible, and it is obvious that their role in this saga has become exponentially more important after the presumed departure of Goku, who was involved in the explosion that destroyed the Prison Planet. The historical protagonist has been ousted from the events, and it is almost confirmed that he will die in an accident.