"General Hospital" spoilers have both good news and bad news for fans of Dominic Zamprogna. The good news is that the beloved actor will soon be returning to Port Charles as Dante Falconeri. Unfortunately, the downside is that he will not be reprising his role for the long haul. No details have come forth as to why the actor is coming back to his old stomping grounds, but it could be to resolve his marriage issues. Lulu is in the hospital after being stabbed, so her spouse may want to be by her side. He also may decide to work full time with the WSB, which means he could decide to relocate his wife and children, or end the marriage and leave them behind.

Dominic Zamprogna's 'GH' exit

When Dominic Zamprogna decided to leave "General Hospital," his exit was never fully explained. Fans only knew that he did not renew his contract, but were never given a reason as to why he left his character and Port Charles behind. The actor returned for two episodes in 2018 during a dream sequence where Dante was portrayed as a mob boss and Sonny was the one who remained on the straight and narrow. Also, a jailhouse wedding is coming.

Since Lulu was stabbed by Ryan, everyone has tried unsuccessfully to find Dante. Sonny called on Brick and Anna to get through to the WSB, but Detective Falconeri remained on assignment under deep cover. Soap Hub is now reporting that Zampragna will return to Port Charles, but it will not be on a contract basis.

This indicates that his marriage to Lulu will not have a happy reunion that fans have been looking for.

Dante returns to Port Charles

When Dante comes back to Port Charles, he will find that a lot has changed while he was away. A serial killer is on the loose, which is why his wife was stabbed and Kiki, the half-sister of detective Falconeri's little sis Avery, was one of the murder victims.

His other half-sister, Kristina, is involved with the Dawn of Day cult, and his mother and stepfather (Olivia and Ned) are no longer the mayor and first lady. According to Soap Opera Spy, Sonny and Carly are expecting a baby, which means Detective Falconeri will soon have a little brother or sister.

Fans will be elated to see this talented actor back on the screen, even if only for a short time.

Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to give more detail on Dominic Zamprogna's return to "General Hospital." Soap Hub teases that this may not be the last time viewers see Detective Falconeri, so stay tuned. Continue watching the ABC daytime drama at 2:00 PM ET every weekday.