Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that two intertwined storylines are about to heat up beginning on Monday. Jordan will offer Franco a deal that will come with a cost. If the artist accepts, he may help to flush out the real serial killer, but he could also lose the few people who have been standing by him. Ryan will continue to believe he is invincible and his obsession with Ava will grow. The demented doctor will decide that he and Ms. Jerome should get married inside of his brother's office. Eventually, the truth will unfold and Kevin's evil twin will be the one behind bars, while Scott's son enjoys wedded bliss with Liz.

Franco makes a tough decision

On Friday, Jordan told Franco she wanted to make a deal with him, that may lead to the identity of the real serial killer. A preview, for Monday, showed Bobby Frank shouting that he could never say he murdered Kiki. Soap Hub reveals that the police commissioner wants her prisoner to admit to killing all the recent victims, as it would throw the real culprit off track. Should Ryan murder anyone else after Franco confesses, then everyone would know the real psycho is still at large.

Jordan will probably ask Franco to keep the deal secret and Curtis may be the only one in on the plan. This means that Liz and Drew would be out o the loop and shocked, as they believe in his innocence.

Once Ryan is caught, Franco would be seen as a hero, but in the meantime, a confession could ruin everything he worked so hard to overcome. Spoilers indicate that while all of this is going down, that Laura will do some investigating into Ferncliff. It looks as if all the pieces are falling into place for Kevin's rescue.

Ryan distracted by Ava

"GH" worldwide voice of the fans indicates that while Jordan, Franco, and Laura are closing in, Ryan will be distracted by Ava. Twenty-five years ago, Felicia did not return the feelings of Kevin's evil twin but Ms. Jerome now does. Ryan is intrigued by this woman with a murderous mindset just like his own.

Spoilers say he wants to marry her and leave Port Charles and will suggest they have a ceremony in Kevin's office.

The spoiler reveals that the romance between the two will heat up, and neither one of them has any idea what is coming their way. Ava will be devastated to know she has been in the bed of the man who murdered her daughter. Should Franco go along with the police commissioner's plan it will throw Ryan off guard because this was not a part of his strategy. Be sure not to miss Monday's episode of "General Hospital" which may be the beginning of the end of the serial killings in Port Charles.