'American Idol' fans who think Laine Hardy should be given another shot at the show have started a Petition over at Change.org to bring him back. There is not a lot of writing in the petition to bring back Laine Hardy, but his photo is posted up there. For fans of Laine Hardy, maybe that is sufficient.

The organizer posted up on April 5, 2018, "Bring him back to America Idol." She also wrote, "We can do this." Since then, the petition that is addressed to Katy Perry has garnered over ten thousand signatures.

'American Idol' contestants have seen petitions in the past

Liane Hardy is not the first contestant to have fans start a petition to try and get them back on the show. In 2011 Pia Toscano was voted out of "American Idol," and fans managed to raise 1,261 signatures. USA Today wrote that "nobody saw" her elimination coming and even the judges were shocked.

As Spinditty wrote a few years later, her elimination was shocking, but she went on to prove good musicians can still make it without "American Idol." She has a number of videos out and a collection of EP's on iTunes. She was managed by 19 Entertainment and signed a deal with Interscope Records, cutting her debut album in 2012.

Laine Hardy doesn't seem white-knuckled over it all

Laine Hardy does not seem to be in a rage and fury over his elimination and is busy getting on with life. He has no intention of giving up his music because of his "American Idol" elimination, either. Over on Instagram, Laine is still putting out covers for his fans and sharing pictures of him out and about.

He shared a picture done by one of his fans too.

Just because Laine Hardy is out of "American Idol" it does not mean his fans have vaporized. There are thousands of them loving and commenting on his Instagram every day.

User guided_meditations, posted, "Don't give up Laine!! I was rooting for you! I'm sure you want to be your own man but you reminded me much of Phillip Phillips who is my all-time favorite Idol.

Keep going don't give up you're awesome!"

Another fan recently commented, "I’m shocked. You were my favorite of all. I’m still your fan. I’ll be waiting over here to buy whatever you’re selling. Keep grinding."

It seems that a lot of people want Laine back in "American Idol," and even more just want him to keep on singing, keep on putting it out there until he makes the big time.

Laine Hardy passed the audition with breathtaking ease and moved on to American Idol" Hollywood Week where he passed the group section. After his solo, where he literally dueled against Caleb Hutchinson, he was sent home by the judges. Fans were hoping they would give him a second chance but it never came to anything.

Do you think this petition by Laine Hardy "American Idol" fans will help get him back in the show? Sound off your feelings in the comments.