On the January 1 episode of "The Young and the Restless," Victoria and Cane's heated argument shifted when they kissed each other. Spoiler alerts, however, indicate that this relationship will go no further and the two will agree to never mention their lip lock again. Later in the week, Billy and his former wife will be together at the Newman office, when the chemistry between them will ignite, and Villy will also share a kiss. Fans of this couple will be elated to see them finally address their feelings for one another, but one moment does not indicate that the duo will end up having a romantic reunion.

Cane and Victoria are doomed to fail

Victoria went to see Cane in order to fill him in on the fact that Reed drove on a suspended license to keep a drunk Charlie from getting behind the wheel. When she told him that their sons are the reason Nikki is in the hospital, Cane became defensive. Both of them hurled insults at the other, and Vicky even said that Lily deserved better than the man her husband has turned into. She then grabbed Mr. Ashby and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Soap Dirt, however, indicates that nothing will come of it and the two will go their separate ways. The mutual respect for Lily will be the biggest reason this couple will never get off the ground. The reaction of their children and families, along with past bad blood, will hinder any future romantic encounters.

The bottom line is that Cane is desperately in love with his wife, and Victoria has never truly gotten over Billy. For these reasons, any relationship between them is doomed to fail. Also, Adam and J.T. are alive.

Billy and Victoria deserve a chance at happiness

Victoria will probably do some soul searching about what made her kiss Cane, and perhaps take an honest look at herself.

She and Billy have been working really hard at co-parenting Johnny and Katie. Billy is also an excellent stepdad to Reed. This family deserves a real chance at happiness, but any reunion may be short-lived because of two big secrets they are keeping. Lola and Cane celebrate with bad behavior, as well.

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Jill will return to Genoa City and attempt to shut down any potential relationship between Cane and Victoria.

The truth about J.T.'s death and the fact that Billy slept with Summer could hinder the former spouses from getting back together as both situations will be painful to discuss. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM ET, to find out what happens next with Villy.