Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Christine is gunning for Victor yet again. Past experience has not daunted her desire to bring this man down, even though her every previous attempt has failed. The Newman patriarch was apprehended on Monday for taking Nikki from the hospital. Rey and the DA tried unsuccessfully, on Tuesday, to get Nick and Nate to incriminate Victor but were unsuccessful. Nikki took full responsibility for deciding to leave the country, but this did not stop her husband from being charged with H.T.'s murder.

Christine goes after Victor yet again

Christine has been trying to take Victor down for decades and Soaps She Knows says she is trying once more. When she and Rey were unable to book him for kidnapping his wife, they decided they had evidence to charge him with the murder of his former son in law. The DA and the detective discussed the situation and decided to formally charge the Newman patriarch with killing J.T. Helstrom.

Dr. Hastings argued to Christine that he is only looking out for his patient and eventually she let him go to care for Nikki. When Nick would not say anything to incriminate his father, the DA went straight to Nikki who said she was the one who wanted to leave the country.

Spoilers indicate that Rey will push Christine and he eventually convinced her they could prosecute Victor, without evidence, based on similar cases. He was formally charged with J.T.'s murder at the end of Tuesday's episode.

Victor's family is headed for disaster

Soap Dirt reveals that the Newman family is unraveling and disaster may strike from several different sides.

"Y&R" spoilers say that with Victor behind bars, Nikki may consider confessing to hitting J.T. on the head and causing his death. In the meantime, Reed has told his mother that he is the driver who ran his grandma down on Christmas Eve. As he is contemplating turning himself in, to the authorities, his mother was arguing with Cane, and the two ended up kissing.

Charlie and Reed are worried because they ran over Nikki and their parents may be about to hit the sheets. are Keep up with "The Young and the Restless" by watching each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 PM EST. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to find out in advance if Christine finally takes down Victor Newman. Spoilers say that some must-see episodes are coming in the new year so make sure you stay tuned.