"General Hospital" fans always knew there was a kinder gentler aspect to Julian Jerome and now realize that Oscar's mom is the one who is making him vulnerable. He has been showing a softer side since he began dating Ms. Nero and now it will get the better of him. After watching Kim and Drew kiss on New Year's Eve, the former mob boss is thinking twice about Kristina's plea to set his lady friend free. Spoilers say that on Wednesday after Kim heeds Drew's suggestion to give her beau more time, she will be shocked when Julian breaks up with her so that she and her son's father can create a family unit for the teen in case he dies.

Julian sets Kim free to be with Drew

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that on Wednesday, Julian will make a selfless decision that will benefit Oscar who has a brain tumor. He watched the teen's parents kiss on New Year's Eve and remembers Kristina begging him to break up with Kim so she and her baby daddy can give their son the family he desires in case he dies. Spoilers say Drew will point out to Ms. Nero that she has been spending far too much time in the hospital and has been neglecting her beau.

Kim will agree and go to Julian hoping to make up for lost time. CDL says she will be shocked when he gives her a lame excuse for why they should no longer be together and that both of them will suffer for this decision.

Julexis fans, however, may see this as an opening for Alexis to get her man back and give viewers ore of the steamy love scenes the couple were so famous for. Spoilers say Mr. Jerome will believe he is setting his lover free to be with Drew even though this is not what she believes is her destiny.

Drew and Kim may eventually admit their feelings

Soap Dirt says that Kim and Drew believe they were simply caught up in the moment on New Year's Eve and are not even considering that they may be falling in love. The spoiler suggests that eventually, down the road they may admit their true feelings and become a couple. In the meantime, Ms.

Nero will e shocked that Julian is stepping aside and it may take a while for her to realize it might be for the best.

In pushing Kim to spend time with Julian, it's obvious that Drew is not realizing the feelings he and Ms. Nero have for each other for what they really are. In time everyone involved may end up with the person they truly love. Oscar's parents may reunite and Julexis might get back together. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and keep watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.