The manga version of “Dragon Ball Super” has recently begun its new arc titled “Galactic Patrol Prisoner. In this latest arc, it introduced a new villain that is not only strong and powerful but also ancient. The fan favorite Saiyans, Vegeta and Son Goku, join with the Galactic Police for a special assignment, that is to track down an escaped prisoner that was imprisoned by one of the Kais. But this new could potentially open major doors for the franchise.

The new villain

The latest addition to the long list of antagonists of “Dragon Ball Super” is another powerful creature.

The new villain named Moro is a planet eater that devours the entire planet to increase the level of its power and strength. Moro is also a powerful sorcerer that required the Supreme Kai to use almost all of his powers to imprison him.

The perfect union

The new villain shows a perfect union of science fiction and supernatural that the franchise has always included in its arcs and installments. The first series ultimately relied on that premise like the child Goku fighting against the demon Piccolo and the Red Ribbon army created by Dr. Gero. However, Akira Toriyama later fleshed out Son Goku’s alien roots and his links to a much vast universe and multiverse.

He included aliens, evil androids and even time travel in the franchise.

It was only during the Majin Buu saga that the franchise returned to include the threat caused by demons. All throughout the franchise, the anime mixed the supernatural and science fiction. This leveled the framework with angels, gods, and other divine supreme beings with the science fiction world of alternate timelines, aliens, and time travel.

Once again, with Moro’s inclusion in the arc, the anime brought this beautiful and amazing combination to life. He resembles the threat of the demonic forces or the supernatural beings on a level that fans of the franchise have never seen. He also presents the science fiction part that tackles alternate universe and aliens.

According to the story revealed to Son Goku and Vegeta, Daikaioh sacrificed the greater part of his power to seal Moro’s magic away.

Even before, Moro appeared to be a great threat to angels as well as to the Great Priest. If threats like the Planet Eater Moro are present in Universe 7, we can never tell what type of counterpart he will have in other universes.

The manga version of “Dragon Ball Super” can be read online every Wednesday. Meanwhile, the anime movie is slated to release in January 2019 in the UK and US.