Wayne Brady's character, on "The Bold and the Beautiful," is causing quite a stir. Not only among the Spencer, Forrester, and Logan families but fans as well. Dr. Reese has only been on screen a few weeks, but in that time has caused utter chaos. His daughter Zoe has been on edge since his arrival and warned him not to do anything to mess up her modeling career. Instead, her father inserted himself into the middle of a decades-long family feud, began romancing Steffy's mom, and now has sold Hope and Liam's baby on the black market. Social media began attacking the actions of Zoe's dad and now his costar Hunter Tylo is coming to his defense.

Hunter Tylo stands by Wayne Brady

Zealous fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" have been so outspoken in their dislike of Dr. Reese that Hunter Tyler, who portrays Taylor, has come forth to defend Wayne Brady's character. Zoe's dad came to town and has shown himself to be a slick, womanizing, gambler that even his daughter is wary of. Viewers unleashed their fury on the good doc after he lied that baby Beth died and switched her for a real dead child.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Hunter Tylo is trying to reign in the angry viewers by pointing out that Wayne Brady is a gentleman and offscreen is nothing like the dastardly Dr. Reese. She emphasized that this is just a story and fans should remember that Reese is a character and a real baby has not been stolen.

Tylo even went so far as to say she even has empathy Brady's character and the ill-fated choices he is making.

Wayne Brady's character may be redeemed

When the sordid truth comes out, it's possible that Dr. Reese may be redeemed. After all, Dollar Bill Spencer and other "B&B" villains have received forgiveness many times over and moved on with their lives.

In fact, Soap Dirt indicates that Hunter Tylo's character will soon be offering love and support for Brooke who has often been harsh, unforgiving and judgemental of Taylor.

CDL spoiler alerts have suggested that baby Beth will be adopted by Steffy but a birthmark will reveal her true identity. Dr. Reese sold her to pay a gambling debt because his own daughter's life was threatened.

Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST. Please remember that Hunter Tylo is correct and no matter how this storyline plays out, Dr. Reese is only a character and his misdeeds do not reflect on Wayne Brady who is only playing a role.