Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that what goes around keeps coming around regarding the Spencers, Logans, and Forresters. The alleged death of baby Beth will take an enormous toll on all of her family members, and especially on the Lope marriage. The couple will become estranged because Hope will not be able to handle the loss of her child. She will also have trouble watching Liam enjoy spending time with Steffy and Kelly. This may eventually lead to a Steam reunion, but fans know it will only last until everyone figures out that Beth is still alive.

At that point, the love triangle will start up again.

The Liam, Hope, Steffy love triangle never ends

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that the love triangle between Hope, Liam, and Steffy is about to take another turn. The spoiler says that Hope will not be able to handle all the pressure of losing a second child. She will be devastated, and it will take an enormous toll on her marriage. Liam will be supportive, but he must continue to spend time with Kelly. This means that he will be seeing more of Steffy and his wife will not like it.

CDL says that Liam and Hope will grow further apart and this will set up a possible Steam reunion. Unfortunately for Steffy, baby Beth is not dead but was sold on the black market by Dr.

Reece. Earlier spoilers from CDL said that Steffy may end up adopting her daughter's half-sister, which will only add to the pain, confusion, and drama.

Steffy and Liam may find Beth because of a birthmark

Soap Dirt indicates that Steffy will go to an adoption agency looking for a little girl to raise with Kelly. The spoiler says that in time Liam and Hope may recognize that this is their child because of a birthmark.

If this scenario plays out, viewers know that the truth will not be revealed for quite some time and by then Lope could be over and Steam going strong. It's also possible that Liam could leave Hope for Steffy only to return to her again as he has in the past.

Should Steffy unwittingly adopt Beth and the truth be revealed, she may fight for the right to keep her daughter's new sister?

She may even believe that the girls should be kept together and that she and Liam would be better parents than he and Steffy. There is also the possibility that when the truth is revealed, Hope could have a breakdown and be unable to care for her child. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts related to this storyline and the love triangle.

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