On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," Oliva told Ned that she no longer wants to be the first lady of Port Charles. Spoiler alerts say she will get her wish because Laura will be declared the new town mayor. With Ryan and Shiloh on the loose, there is intrigue, danger, and murder awaiting this changing of the guard. Even Jason and Sam, with all their combined instincts and detective skills, may find they are no match for the man who came to town as Hank, who was saved by Drew back in the day. No one is safe and there will be surprises lurking around every corner.

Nothing is as it seems and viewers are about to take a bumpy ride with their favorite characters.

Laura will have her hands full as Port Charles new mayor

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Laura will indeed be chosen the new mayor of Port Charles which should keep her off of Ryan's kill list, at least for now. Kevin's demented brother is the one who initiated his wife's campaign as a way to keep her busy and out of his business. Mrs. Collins has promised to investigate the goings on at Ferncliff so if she follows through this may put her at the top of the hit list.

CDL also indicates that Laura's daughter Lulu will be in danger as she gains clues to what is really going on in Port Charles with the current serial killer.

Soap Dirt reveals that Ryan will soon commit his fourth murder so the Spencer women really need to be on guard. Mrs. Collins hands will be full as she takes over the helm and has no idea she is putting her own life as well as Lulu's in jeopardy.

Shiloh may con Sam

Soap Dirt indicates that this week, Jason is going to warn Drew about Shiloh/Hank, but his twin may be too distracted by Oscar's illness to fully comprehend.

The con artist dropped a hint to Sam last week about changing names when you change your identity. This went completely over her head so perhaps her concern for her sister is causing the grifter to not fully pay attention.

Spoilers say that Shiloh will seek help from Jason and Sam and that it could be legit or maybe it's just another way for him to lure them into his web of lies.

JaSam knows he is the son of one of Sam's husbands but is not letting on. If the cult leader is aware they realize his true identity he is is also keeping mum. This game of cat and mouse will be full of intrigue and could go in several directions. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update as they are available.