Spoiler alerts are suggesting an outrageous plot twist on "The Bold and the Beautiful" that is set in motion by Zoe's dad who is desperate for money. On Wednesday a loan shark confronted Reese who promised to find a way to pay off his debt. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Taylor's new friend may deliver baby Beth and say she was stillborn.

While Liam and his family are grieving, the demented doctor will give the child to Steffy to raise as her own. Ridge listened earlier in the week as his daughter said she wanted to adopt a little sister for Kelly.

If spoilers are correct she will be raising both Liam's children unwittingly under the same roof.

Reese and Liam may both have daughter's in danger

Soap Hub says that this week Liam and Reese may both deal with dangerous situations related to their children. Kelly will become ill, which forces her dad to cancel plans to travel with Hope who goes on without him. Meanwhile, the loan sharks send the doctor a message by going after Zoe. This may be what causes him to go to the dark side and give Beth to Steffy. Reese has been ignoring his daughter's warnings and making moves on Taylor.

What better way to gain her trust than to remove the child who will cause Liam to have to split his time between two baby mamas.

Spoilers indicate that Reese will be on the same island as Steffy when she goes into labor and by the time Ridge, Brooke, and Liam arrive it will be too late. Soap Hub says the family will attack the doctor like an angry mob when he says that the baby did not survive delivery.

Steffy unwittingly may raise her stepdaughter

Steffy told her dad that she wants to adopt a little girl so that Kelly can have a sister the way she used to have Phoebe.

Raising Liam's child with Hope will be quite the plot twist, and cause major heartbreak. Hope has already lost one child and will be devastated should it happen again. The plot sounds far-fetched but makes perfect sense as Reese is desperate for money and wants to impress Taylor.

Spoilers don't say if Taylor will be in on the details but her mental health at this time could cause her to go along and keep silent.

This would be the ultimate revenge on Brooke and also ensure that Hope would not be able to cut in on the time Liam spends with Steffy and Kelly. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and keep watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST. Zoe's dad is going to be responsible for many can't miss episodes so stay tuned.