Ryan Edwards was arrested on charges of drug possession and theft earlier this month but luckily for him, his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, doesn't appear phased by the news. Nearly two years after marrying the troubled "Teen Mom OG" star, Standifer is reportedly "standing by" her man as she faces a couple of pending charges and court dates. That said, Standifer is said to be devastated by the news and is pained to see that her husband is once again behind bars as she remains home with her kids.

Edwards and Standifer share a three-month-old son, Jagger Ryan, and each have two older children from previous relationships, including her four-year-old son Hudson and his 10-year-old son Bentley Edwards.

“[Mackenzie Standifer] has no plans to leave Ryan," an insider told Hollywood Life. Instead, she hopes she and her husband will get through his hard times together. According to the report, Standifer has young children to look after and that's what keeps her going amidst her husband's struggles. "They need a strong mommy and that is what she is,” the source added.

Mackenzie Standifer 'believes in' Ryan Edwards

While "Teen Mom OG" fans, and some of the show's stars, appear to have given up on him amid his ongoing hardships, the Hollywood Life insider said Standifer isn't giving up and still loves and believes in him. She won't walk away from their marriage, the source confirmed, especially considering she believes Ryan Edwards has a "sickness" and doesn't want to walk away from a loved one who is ill.

"If he had cancer they wouldn’t tell her to leave him,” the insider explained of Standifer's concerned fans and followers online.

Mackenzie Standifer isn't ready for another baby

Although a Radar Online report suggested earlier this week that Edwards and Standifer were considering adding to their family just weeks before he was taken into custody in Tennessee, the Hollywood Life source denied any such thing, explaining that while the couple is married and has chemistry with one another, an additional child is simply not in their immediate plans.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer were removed from the full-time lineup of "Teen Mom OG" last summer but months later, in a surprise appearance, Standifer returned to the show alongside her mother-in-law Jennifer Edwards. As for the upcoming season of the series, which has yet to be officially confirmed, it is unknown whether the couple will be seen.