Some faithful “America's Got Talent” fans become mournful over the number of singers who advance in the competition, considering the number of singing talent shows taking over recent airwaves. The decisions for the two talents each week who advance on “America's Got Talent: The Champions” rest with the voters in the 50 states, and the judges’ golden buzzer picks.

Thus far, the international singers have made equally powerful impressions as America’s homegrown super voices. Comedian Preacher Lawson and the couple devoted to danger, Deadly Games, have also earned their way forward, and this week's January 28 Week 4 welcomed back some delightful favorites to take a stab at the top global spot.

The feeling was festive for the evening. Simon Cowell got to grant a golden buzzer that he claimed he always wanted to give, but his warm feelings didn't last. Right after his warm hugs and tender words under the golden shower of confetti for Kechi Okwuchi, Cowell couldn't resist ruining the most delightful moment of Heidi Klum's evening, cheering on her favorite performer ever, Stevie Starr, The Professional Regurgitator.

Room for laughs

Last year’s “Britain's Got Talent” contender, 10-year-old Issy Simpson, got the audience chuckling when she mentioned that “How to Make a Million” was probably the first book that Simon Cowell ever read. Her magic act was a fun starter for the night, and there were more laughs when Season 10 contestants, comedian Drew Lynch, and comic ventriloquist, Paul Zerdin went head-to-head for a rematch.

Lynch has always infused humor into his story of becoming a stutterer, and for this big stage moment, his routine was about finding his invisible Invisalign orthodontic retainer. His humor brought a roar of laughs from the panel and the audience, despite Simon saying it wasn't Drew’s best.

Zerdin offered a beat-box accompaniment while one of his popular puppet friends, Sam, sang, and the pair delighted everyone.

Paul Zerdin and Drew Lynch found themselves together again at the end of the night. There was a tie between Lynch and Season 11 favorite, Tape Face for third place in the 50 state vote, so both failed to move forward.

Tape Face enlisted Howie Mandel in constructing a hilarious routine, transforming Mandel into his own DJ partner, and scratching out rhythms with their waves.

There's a reason the silent comic has his own theater now in Las Vegas.

Song and soul triumphs

Kechi Okwuchi grabbed the world by the heart as an ambassador of hope and strength in sharing her story of being only one of two survivors, and the only one from her school, to reclaim life after a devastating plane crash in December of 2005. She related how the sound of her mother's voice singing through her excruciating burn treatment became her ray of hope. Kechi has traveled all over the world sharing her story of triumph through courage, and in her profile, the singer asserted that she had “found my voice.”

Her newfound confidence was radiant as she came to the stage this time, and her song “You Are the Reason” by Callum Scott, could not have been a more perfect selection, personified and performed perfectly in emotion and through every note.

Simon Cowell used one of his familiar estimations-- that he didn't like it, he LOVED it, before pressing his golden buzzer. Kechi was overcome by the moment, as the British judge ran on stage to embrace her, telling her he had always wanted to give “gold” to her. Kechi still bears her scars and they speak volumes to her courage. When she sings, they disappear in the wake of her unmatchable spirit.

There was no golden buzzer left to give to Brian Justin Crum, but the singer, finally confident in his talent and his full identity, sang Elton John's “Your Song” in entirely his own way and held the audience in his hand. By the end of the night, he and Kechi were the two finalists chosen to vie for the ultimate prize.

By a razor’s edge

Heidi Klum had her hands up high, giving cheers of delight to Stevie Starr from the minute he could be seen coming on the “America's Got Talent” stage again. “He’s my favorite performer,” the supermodel gleefully gushed to anyone who could hear. There was no getting the smile off Heidi Klum's face, and Stevie Starr, The Professional Regurgitator, fully realized that he was really performing to his favorite audience of one.

His first swallowing and “digestive” feat was to swallow a bolt and a tiny screw separately and then twist the screw to the midway point before bringing it back up again. Heidi was absolutely aglow to see the 56-year-old Scottish performer’s amazing abdomen at work again.

One would think that after all the earlier goodwill from moments earlier that Simon Cowell could grin and bear it for another few minutes, but that was not the case.

When Starr swallowed a razor blade to finish the job of cutting a cherry tomato, Simon went for his X, to scoldings by the whole panel, and particularly, from Heidi Klum, who didn't let it go. Starr was clearly startled by the negative response, jerking back slightly (and hopefully not having any internal injuries). Cowell claimed that he just couldn't watch any longer, but it's hard not to think that the snub was not aimed at Klum. Stevie produced the sliced tomato and got much praise from his favorite judge. Judging by the performer’s glare from the stage, he was shooting razor blades at Cowell.

No one can ever guess who will have the winning moments on “America's Got Talent: The Champions” but at least this one didn't end up with any bloodshed.