"Married at First Sight," Tuesday, January 8 episode saw an awkward Luke Cuccurullo. Kate Sisk seemed a bit puzzled by his demeanor which came across as starkly reticent. We know in the premiere show that he recognized her from a previous encounter. It was an awkward moment as she met him, as clearly, she did not recall the meeting. That cut off the episode, but it seems some awkwardness remained. Even though Luke previously discussed whether he should kiss her, the wedding kiss was brief and he didn't want to kiss her in front of other people.

Married and hesitant Luke remains awkward

Luke, a civil engineer who does some speed dating and other services met Kate before at one of his events. Although the meeting was brief, he knew her straight away. She took some reminding before she recalled the meeting. Despite that, Kate seemed comfortable with the idea of marrying him. Whether it was the sudden realization he's met her before, or if he is naturally reticent, Luke never managed to look comfortable with getting close to Kate.

Mind you, we spotted a touch of that when the previous episode revealed his discomfort with the strippers at the bachelor party. However, he did go all in for the wedding and "Married at First Sight," despite his mom's objections.

Perhaps he really was just a bit shy with all the parents and relatives around.

Kate's problem with Luke Cuccurullo

According to a report by US Weekly, "Luke, acted weird and uncomfortable at their wedding." They added that she said, “He just seems a little awkward and uncomfortable, I don’t know why.” She later said, "I’m feeling uncomfortable...I would kiss Luke but he seems very against it and it’s kind of weird.”

Another problem for the "Married at First Sight" couple, is that Luke preferred to sleep on the couch rather than share a bed with his new wife.

It certainly looks like he wants to take things carefully and slowly. However, Kate may come around to his way of thinking. After all, her own parent's marriage broke up and she would probably want to be assured of a long term relationship that works for both of them.

The first time couples met before on 'Married at First Sight'

This meeting of each other before they landed up on the show means an unusual twist. It's the first time it ever happened. What do you think of Kate Sisk finding Luke Cuccurullo awkward and reticent on their wedding day?

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