The "Dragon Ball Super" manga, awaiting the return of the animated series, has brought new chapters in a completely new unseen saga entitled "The Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol." In this new story, which introduced new enemies and allies, there could be future implications for the history of the franchise. Meanwhile, according to ComicBook, "There's distinct foreshadow that the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc" could do away Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue, "Dragon Ball Super's" most iconic transformations [sic]."

The new opponent introduced in the new "Dragon Ball Super" arc, Moro the devourer of planets, is an ancient fighter and sorcerer.

Moro has the power to get the life force from entire planets and their inhabitants and use it as fuel for his indomitable strength and its extraordinary magic. 10 million years ago, the galactic patrol was able to imprison Moro, but only after the head of the universe 7, Daikaioh, had sealed his magic by paying a great price. Subtracting the magic from the bad one cost much of the divine energy of the Kaioh, leaving only a shadow of his ancient power.

Story behind it all

During the events of "Dragon Ball Z" we saw the story of Majin Buu. The divine goodness of the great Kaioh was exploited to create, through the absorption of the pink monster, a balance in the evil being that gave life to the famous Majin Buu, now an ally of the protagonists.

With the return of the ancient enemy, the divine power of the great Kaioh that is inherent in Buu is again necessary, but it is hibernating. This convinces Goku to help capture Moro and dragging Vegeta with him, the Saiyan decides to help the galactic patrol stop the devourer.

The problem, however, is that individuals with the divine force necessary to stop Moro are practically absent in the universe and that of the only Kaioh is not enough.

Therefore, Goku and Vegeta may have to fund their own divine energies that transforms the Saiyan into Super Saiyan Gods and the ultra-instinct. These are two of the transformations introduced in "Dragon Ball Super."

The power of Moro

As fans already know, in fact, Moro was the oldest antagonist who ever appeared in the franchise.

After reading chapter 43 of "Dragon Ball Super," released during the month of December on the pages of V-Jump, I can provide further details on the strength level of Moro. Many people speculate that Moro is actually immortal, an element that would make him even more threatening if we consider his power. Remember, in fact, that previously only Zamasu had made immortality his winning weapon, while not reaching the power of a Super Saiyan Blue.