"Counting On" fans came out fighting as criticism over cultural appropriation continues on her Instagram account. The accusations started when Jinger and Jeremy went to Chicago in the first week of October. Baby Felicity went with them, and she wore a cute little plum-colored top knot. At the time, a few people were more worried about her headwear than the cute pictures of Felicity at her first ball game.

'Counting On' fans won't stand for the bullying

While many people climbed aboard the Jinger Vuolo criticism train back then, it seems that now Jinger just does not care what people think.

Hollywood Life noted that she once again posted up a photo of Felicity with the top-knot style headwear. Obviously, Jinger and Jeremy really don't care too much what haters have to say about their choice of clothing for their new baby. However, people who went back to the post found plenty of people defending Jinger, but it seems the nasty accusations were removed as they are not there now.

But on the latest post, "Counting On" fans came out fighting this time. They seem to be angry as one commenter made note that Jinger's child is not Muslim, but she's dressing her as one. In fact, one person who does know about the little turban-style headwear origin explained it. @chrissiloohoo817 wrote, "She is so adorable!

I thi[nk] the head wraps are cute! They are known as a partka in Sikhism, the little brother of the turban. Children wear them until their hair grows too long and then they switch to the turban. I love that it has become a western baby trend."

Jinger Vuolo cultural appropriation fuss continues

Other "Counting On" fans are getting very tired of all the mom-shaming.

It may be that they worry Jinger may just stop posting up pictures of Baby Felicity. The little girl is very cute and to dedicated fans, there's fear that it's quite possible Jinger will just stop sharing them. Nasty comments would be enough to upset any young mum. However, Jinger's part of a controversial family and criticism often comes her way.

Fans came to the rescue and @fatimakhan6003 said that maybe some Christian moms who are critical should read the bible a bit: "Absolutely love her, and to all the momshamers who cry cultural appropriation, especially Christian moms, take out your bible and read 1 Corinthians chapter 11 all of them verses ?... Felicity, you’re a gorgeous little darling of God ❤️."

Negativity about Felicity is wrong fans say

@daelitesmom stood up for Jinger, noting that she could dress her daughter any way she chose to. In fact, they added, "Anyone stating that because this beautiful little girl is NOT Muslim thus should not be permitted to wear anything on its head is making a racist statement." The Instagrammer also pointed out that "Children are born innocent, clean slates, and any attempts to inflict negativity on her is simply wrong."

What do you think about all the fuss because Jinger Vuolo dresses her baby in a turban-like headband? Do you think it's culturally inappropriate? Stay in touch with news about "Counting On" by checking in with Blasting News often.