Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that some exciting scenes are coming up this week and there will be trouble for the cover-up crew. Victoria will be pushed to the breaking point this week as she tries to help her son obtain closure regarding J.T. Vicky will hold a memorial service at her home that will go horribly wrong. An earlier altercation with Phyllis, related to Victor, will cause Vicky's emotions to get the best of her. Having Mac show up in Genoa City for the final farewell only adds to the tension. Things go from bad to worse, when Phyllis tells everyone how J.T was abusing Vicky.

Phyllis pushes Victoria's buttons

Soap Dirt teases that Phyllis will push Victoria's buttons and cause her sister-in-law to freak out during the memorial service. On Tuesday (January 8), Phyllis got in Vicky's face and told her that her father was as vile as J.T. ever was and her sister-in-law slapped her in the face. Vicky also left a warning for Phyllis to watch her back. "Y&R" spoilers say Victor Newman's daughter may have been pushed to the limit and will begin striking back once Phyllis reveals J.T.'s physical abuse toward his wife.

The cover-up crew is unraveling with each of them thinking differently regarding what to do about J.T.'s death. Nikki wanted to come clean to Victor, who stopped her from speaking.

Sharon is trying to remain calm and gain information from Rey, while Phyllis wants Victor to go down for this crime he did not commit, to make up for his never paying for replacing Jack with an imposter. Victoria does not want the truth revealed, but neither does she desire her father to be the sacrificial lamb. Things are about to become very interesting in Genoa City.

Mac brings trouble to Genoa City

Soap Hub reveals that Mac will return to Genoa City this week to attend her ex-husband's memorial service. This will probably also rattle Victoria because Mackenzie has many questions related to J.T.'s final days. Vicky is also feeling guilty because she knows her dad did not murder her former husband and she is troubled that her son is missing his dad so much.

She is also dealing with having kissed Billy and Cane on the same day.

In addition, Victoria has Phyllis acting like a wild card, and now Mac is coming back to Genoa City. Altogether, this spells trouble for the Newman family and may be too much for Victor's daughter to handle. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and continue watching "General Hospital," weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM ET.