Beth Chapman underwent emergency surgery on November 27 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, before returning to their home in Colorado. She was having problems breathing when she was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors discovered that the co-star of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” is having a recurrence of throat cancer and that the cancer has spread to her lungs. Husband Duane “Dog” Chapman told media that doctors said the cancer is incurable.

Couple seeking alternative treatment choices

The couple is intent on fighting the cancer and actively pursuing treatment options, according to Dog and Pop Culture.

Some of the areas where they have been seeking possible alternatives include Boston, Houston, and MD Anderson. The couple told E! News that chemotherapy has a fifty-fifty “chance of working.” That Beth is active, healthy, and strong factor in her favor as she faces the fight of her life.

Beth and Dog recently celebrated his son Leland Chapman’s birthday at a Denver area restaurant. She shared a video on social media, showing that her sense of humor is definitely as strong as ever. Beth snuck up behind her stepson while he was seated at a booth having a cell call talk with someone.

She stated that someone should “cuff” him before she started laughing.

Beth avoids taking ‘prescription’ medications

She has also been sharing other photos while out Dog and their family. They relayed to E! that they are trying to stick with their family traditions so that everything is as “normal as possible” for their children.

Additionally, Dog has resumed bounty hunting, needing to cover the medical costs.

From the way Dog explained about Beth not taking prescription medications, it sounds like she is determined to confront the battle with a great deal of inner strength. While she will take over-the-counter medications, Pop Culture pointed out, Beth “will not take anything prescription.”

Drawing on faith as family faces challenge

As they pursue a cure, the family is “clinging to each other” the couple told E!

Additionally, Dog stated that he is drawing on faith while helping his family during the challenge they are experiencing together. He openly stated, “I constantly ask God to heal my honey and make sure He takes care of it.”

Regardless of what they face, Dog stated during Beth’s initial cancer diagnosis in 2017 that their faith is a “number one thing” in their lives, according to Fox News. “They say the cancer follows the path of least resistance,” according to Dog and People. Beth’s cancer traveled “down” into her lungs. Beth is described as more comfortable than she felt before the surgery in November – when “half of her lung was full of water.”

Vowed to ‘love’ wife ‘forever’

In 2017, Dog reaffirmed to People the commitment he made to Beth when they married in 2012, mentioning their vow to love one another in sickness, as well as in health. “And that truth has really, really come alive in my mind.” He stated that he is standing his promise to "love her forever.”

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