"Teen Mom OG" fans are furious about Cheyenne Floyd joining the cast. The Hollywood Gossip (HG) noticed fans were outraged on Facebook when MTV announced the news. Well, the outrage was not confined to Facebook and it's raging on Twitter as well. Fans are upset the show's no longer "original" and bear in mind the "OG" in "Teen Mom OG" stands for "original." As HG noted, Floyd isn't even a teen mom. She's a 25-year-old woman who only had her first baby last year! The originals in the show include Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell.

Cheyenne Floyd on Teen Mom OG is no teenager

There were similar complaints about Bristol Palin, but the general consensus is that she at least, was a teen mother. Fans could possibly forgive MTV for bringing in non-originals, but they think it's super-ridiculous to bring in someone who is not, and hasn't ever been, a teen mom. Fans followed the originals for years and feel it would be better to just stick with them rather than bring in newcomers. It's like serialized fake news because it's not about a teen mom and guess what? It's got non-originals in it.

What fans are saying on Twitter

Fans on Twitter really are angry with MTV. The most obvious point is about not being an original and how that deviates from the title.

@SilverStarDees posted up, "Why??!?!? Stop adding people. We are happy with the girls that originally started this. I want more time of @AmberLPortwood @MaciBookout and @CatelynnLowell not people we haven’t been watching for over 8 years." In reply, @Hello_Kitty_HJ said they should change the name as it's not about "originals" anymore.

Cheyenne Floyd thinks fans of the show will be interested in her baby

According to MTV's official announcement that she'll be in the show, Cheyenne Floyd thinks she has a baby story people will want to follow.

It's because the former "Are You The One?" star got preggy by Cory Wharton who only found out six months after Ryder was born. Also, Ryder has a rare genetic disease called VCLAD. Well, it seems fans are mostly not interested in her story mainly because when Ryder Wharton was born in April last year, his mother was 24-years-old. Not that they have personal issues with her. Their complaints are aimed at MTV. Actually, what the fans of the "Teen Mom OG" series want, is for the show to go on without newcomers who are not teen moms at all.

Some of the comments on Facebook referred back to when Farrah left the show. They noted that there was no reason why the series couldn't have continued with the remaining three originals.

With two newcomers, some of them felt that the show should just be canceled. What do you think about MTV bringing new cast member, Cheyenne Floyd onto the "Teen Mom Og" series when she was never a teen mom and isn't an original? Check in with Blasting Pop for more news about the show that premieres its new season on October 1.