“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans knows why she appeared to suddenly stop following her husband’s Instagram account, as well as his Facebook account, according to Newsweek and several additional media outlets. Everyone else is left to making guesses but that is how gossip circulates – without anyone knowing her reasons with certainty.

Possible ‘trouble in paradise,’ publication pondered

Around the time that Jenelle unfollowed Eason, her ever-controversial spouse shared photos on his Instagram account that showed him igniting the land of their North Carolina property, Radar Online and Perez Hilton Reported on November 29.

After Eason posted the land fire on November 28 and Jenelle appeared to stop following her husband’s accounts, Celebrity Insider posed the question, “Is there trouble in paradise?” Jenelle already made it clear that she plans to stick with Eason no matter what but maybe he temporarily pushed her too far this time. She affectionately dubbed property where their home is located: the land.

A lot at stake on the land lit on fire

Jenelle seems to be the family’s income-earner since Eason has no outward signs of gainful employment. The likelihood is that it is her money attained from her tenure on MTV’s “Teen Mom” branded franchise that paid for their home and property. She has a great deal at stake on the land.

Star’s hiccup in following husband did not last long

Too, there is always the possibility that she was doing some account clean-up and inadvertently included her husband’s accounts in the sweep. Again, Jenelle knows why she did or what happened, which many people find puzzling. Jenelle soon returned to his league of social media followers.

Ex-MTV star, husband described accident with gasoline

When Eason lit the land on fire, he seemed to have used a blowtorch, according to Celebrity Insider. He also offered his “advice” before anyone ignites their property, Pop Culture pointed out.

In describing how to properly light a fire with gasoline, or at least his method for doing so, he also cited details of a burn incident he had while growing up.

He relayed the details of a gas can reportedly melting to his hand when he was 13. As Pop Culture reported, he stated that he ended up with second,and third-degree burns. The smartest thing he advised in his caption was: “*Do not try this at home*.” Duh!

While it is characteristic for Eason to do or say something that lands headlines, there could be a point that arises when even Jenelle might say: Enough is enough.

For now, though, she is back in his social media corner.

Teen Mom cast member posted much happier image

Unlike her husband, Jenelle posted an image on her Instagram account that evoked positive comments from her followers. She shared a photo taken with her mother, Barbara Evans. Mother and daughter appear smiling.

Jenelle captioned the picture, “#MotherAndDaughter yoga class today!” She stated that she felt inspired to “continue yoga.” Good for her! One of Jenelle’s followers expressed what many think: “You look happy! And for your fans….that’s all they want for you.” Another person wrote, “You look awesome.”

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