While Beth Chapman, 51, is all-in for the fight of her life against cancer, the star of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” spent time with her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman. They celebrated Leland Chapman’s birthday in Denver, according to Pop Culture. As the star’s fans and social media followers realize, Beth definitely comes across as a confident and positive woman with the fortitude to do what it takes to wage a strong fight during her cancer battle. That she determined to spend time at a restaurant, with her family, on Leland’s special day is a testament to her drive to survive while taking on a serious disease.

Extra TV and several additional news outlets reported it is incurable.

Sense of humor alive and well

Beth posted a video on December 14 on her Instagram account, which she took of Leland while at the Denver area restaurant. While he was seated in a booth, during a cell call, she snuck up behind him to capture the footage. Before she is heard laughing on the tape, she told someone to “cuff him,” Pop Culture pointed out.

Along with the footage, she included a caption, noting that she was “happy” that her stepson shared his birthday with them in Colorado. She commented, "Let the Birthday shenanigans begin,” adding, “Let the Reindeer games begin.[sic]”

Incurable cancer spread to lungs

Her husband, Duane, or as millions of people recognize him, Dog, told the media that the status of her cancer is that doctors report it is incurable and spread to her lungs.

Her first battle was waged against throat cancer in 2017. She had emergency surgery in November, which led her to Cedar-Sinai in Los Angeles where doctors removed a mass in her throat that obstructed her breathing.

While in the Los Angeles hospital, Dog stated that doctors also drained “five ounces of fluid” from Beth. When she was rushed to the hospital as a result of her difficulty breathing, “'Half of her lung was full of water,” according to the Daily Mail.

Dog pushing aside ‘doubts,’ remaining positive

Beth plans on fighting cancer “every step of the way,” according to Dog, as the Daily Mail reported. Her husband, 65, also stated that he has to “keep the faith” as the Chapman family “leader.” His aim is to push aside “any doubts” and remain “positive.” He expressed that he loves his wife so much that he does not know what he is “going to do.” He likened how he feels to a “bad dream” and that he “needs to wake up.” No matter what, Dog will be at his wife’s side and in the fight for her life with her.

Beth and Dog have been married for 12 years. He told US Weekly that he prays “a lot,” and that he cries “all the time.” Doctors recommend that Beth undergo four to eight rounds of chemotherapy. As Beth fights cancer, the couple is also looking into alternative treatment options.

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