After stepping down from the post of president of the US, the Obamas signed a contract with Penguin for their memoirs. It was a $65 million dollar deal and Michelle Obama has completed her Book while her husband will finish his next year. The name of Michelle’s book is “Becoming.” It released on November 13 and has become a huge hit. It has already sold more than 1.4 million copies in print and digital formats in the U.S. and Canada.

Daily Mail UK reports that the book is about the journey of the Obamas from Chicago's South Side to the White House.

It is but natural that people will be curious to know about life in the White House, especially from those who were very much down to earth persons like Barack and Michelle Obama. From the immense popularity of the book, it is obvious that it has met the expectations of the people.

Initial print order of the book was inadequate

The former first lady Michelle Obama, revealed that she had spent plenty of time deciding on how best to present the book that contains many personal incidents. She is now traveling to interact with her fans and is carrying book signing. The publisher had printed 3 million hardcover copies in North America and it became the highest selling book on debut in the year when it sold more than 725,000 copies on the first day itself.

Becoming” is currently on top of the list of bestsellers under the category of an adult nonfiction title in many countries. It also topped the Amazon chart this week on bestselling biographies.

Michelle Obama’s memoir is surpassing the pace of a previous similar book by another former first lady - Hillary Clinton.

Her book was “Living History” and its first week sales were around 600,000 copies. Oprah Winfrey visited Michelle during her book tour. She has told a section of the media that she had selected Michelle’s book for her book club.

Michelle’s book dislodges another bestseller

According to CNN, Barnes & Noble says that the memoir of Michelle Obama has dislodged Bob Woodward's “Fear” which was about the dissection of the Trump administration.

It came out in September and was on top until November. The bookseller admitted, "Becoming" gave "the biggest first-week sales of any book this year."

It is obvious that even though the Obamas had left the White House nearly two years back, the common man still roots for them. TV interviews coupled with her nationwide arena tour helped to boost sales. There is speculation on whether she will run for any political office but that is not likely to happen.

Incidentally, Barack Obama is busy working on his memoir. It seems his task is tougher than that of Michelle and he agrees that writing is hard. He was president for two terms and has interacted with most of the world leaders. He will have to meet the aspiration of his readers without stepping on anybody’s toes,