''This Is Us'' is taking its regular mid-season break and the show will return at the beginning of next year. According to popsugar.com, ''This Is Us'' will return on January 15 with the Episode 10. The fall season finale stirred things up as Kevin Pearson learned more about the time his father Jack spent in Vietnam. But, the biggest shock in terms of plot twisting material was the scene that established that Nicholas Pearson was alive and well, living somewhere in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Although that may have been the biggest twist the show has ever encountered, the rest of the narrative lines are also presenting some interesting features.

The puzzle is getting harder and harder to untangle as the show heads for the second half of the third season.

Episode 10 promo gives no solid lead

Although the Episode 10 promo has been released, the direction ''This Is Us'' will pursue starting from January is rather unclear.

Given the abundance of potential developments, the idea of trying to foresee the show's future path seems a useless activity.

For those who may have missed it, the Episode 10 promo is available below.

The promo does nothing but amplify the mystery as there is no certain path unveiled in those fast-moving series of images and short videos. At this point, we're somehow stuck in the middle of the ongoing flow of possibilities and scenarios.

According to the Entertainment Tonight channel on YouTube, learning more about Jack Pearson and his time spent in Vietnam did nothing but complicate the whole thing. As far as we know, Jack Pearson had two distinct lives and somehow he kept it all together without mixing one thing with another. From a chronological point of view, Jack Pearson's first life ended the moment he met Rebecca.

Randall and Beth are falling apart and the whole 'her' mystery

Randall and Beth Pearson used to be considered the image of a perfectly suited couple. Two powerful individuals, Beth and Randall are falling from grace as their relationship is moving on a downward spiral. That future timeline shows that, along the way, a serious rupture occurred.

Although it would be a heartbreaker, a divorce seems also on the table.

Trying to understand how things between Beth and Randall are in the future leads to another hot topic of the show. That 'her' enigma is now down to a finite number of possibilities.

It's Randall's mother they're all going to visit, and here a debate may emerge. The simplest explanation is that they're going to visit Rebecca Pearson. There are also theories about Randall's biological mother although William said she died while giving birth to Randall.