Meghan Markle is engaged to marry Prince Harry and has campaigned for the United Nations on a number of women-related topics like gender equality and modern slavery. She now wants to take her mission to a new level to empower women. She wants to associate herself with Charity Work that is pursued by the British Royal Family.

BBC reports that she has discussed the matter with Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on extending the coverage of their Royal Foundation. It was established to handle certain issues that the Royal family had identified.

These included subjects like the armed forces, conservation, and mental health.

Expand the scope of involvement

Charity work is usually undertaken by foundations to boost the morale of persons who are denied the benefits of a normal life. This could be inherent from birth or the result of some subsequent incident that has impaired the normal abilities of the person.

The foursome of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton held the first meeting of their foundation to discuss its future line of action. All of them want to make a difference to society.

Meghan explained that working on such issues is not new to her. She had met people who are involved in similar work to learn how best to make an impact on those who matter.

On the subject of women's rights, her concept was clear. In her opinion, women already have a voice. They must be empowered to use it and not remain silent. About gelling between the foursome, Meghan said that there are four different personalities at work. They have a common passion – namely, the willingness to make a difference.

This is the bonding agent. Regarding future expansion plans, these could include focusing on sustainable tourism and parenthood.

Meghan could be a game changer

Once Meghan Markle gets married to Prince Harry, she will become an integral part of the Royal Family. She has already gotten acceptance of a section of the family and is now busy interacting with people around her to become familiar with the British lifestyle.

Telegraph UK adds that the two of them had their first official speaking engagement at the forum to discuss charity work of their Royal Foundation. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were also present on the occasion. Incidentally, Meghan would have to choose her words carefully and try not to make statements that have political undertones to maintain the Royal tradition.

Heads Together, the Invictus Games, and United For Wildlife are those charities that are active. In keeping with modern trends, the foundation could use social media to pass on their message to the young people.