"Counting On" fans on Instagram clamor for a CD by the Duggar boys after hearing them sing beautifully. The Duggarfam account posted up a short video of them and fans reckon it gave them goosebumps. Jed said at the beginning, that the young girls made a CD but the boys wanted to share one of their songs.

'Counting On' fans were in for a treat with the song

The song is called "Who is he in yonder stall?" according to those followers who know of it. Fans are never sure which boy is which these days as they grew up so fast and look very much alike.

The general consensus is that the singing Duggar boys from the TLC "Counting On" show were Jed, Jer, Jason, James, and Justin. Some followers wanted to know where Jackson was, asking why he got left out. However, maybe he just doesn't enjoy singing as much.

Even if you don't like to listen to religious songs, this number may surprise you. It sure surprised a lot of followers on Instagram. The boys stood at a piano but didn't actually use it. They sang straight off, and when the harmonies came in, people expressed their amazement. Many - no wait - hundreds of Duggar family followers were blown away by them. Many said they would certainly buy any CD they made.

Duggar singing made goosebumps

Lots of people said it gave them goosebumps.

Here's what other "Counting On" fans had to say about it after they sang one and a bit verses:

  • @brendastahler: "This is beautiful! I love hearing them sing. Hope they make a CD as well."
  • @swauhpitout: "That harmony legitimately slayed my entire existence."
  • @Lindseygraves: "Gorgeous voices. These Duggar boys need their own CD next."
  • @christine_haymond: "Wow! What wonderful harmonies."
  • @nataliebaker60: "Oh my goodness you guys are wonderful!! That song and those voices were just awesome. I'd love a CD of yours."

Of course, there were very many more comments of a similar nature.

However, some of the people commenting were disappointed that it was just a short clip. They hoped to hear the whole song. Possibly they only put out a small bit as there really is a CD in the works? While this singing was done to promote the girl's CD, perhaps fans can hope for something in the pipeline.

Michelle Duggar hoped followers like it

In the caption of the video, Michelle Duggar said she hoped that the song "blessed" those who listened to is, as much as it blessed them. She added that it was "a beautiful song that brings this momma's heart such joy." What did you think of the Duggar boys singing? Did you think it was good enough to put on a CD? Follow the Duggar Family channel on Blasting Pop to stay in touch with news about "Counting On."