Heidi Klum and Sal Valentinetti have been etched permanently into the annals of “AGT” history. There's no better time than the holidays to relive fond memories, and in this case, favorite contestants from the talent competition. Heidi Klum pretty much had her perfect night on the December 17 “America's Got Talent: Holiday of Champions” special. The evening was not about competing, and a handful of favorite competitors returned to offer their best in charm and magic for the Christmas season.

No faithful “AGT” fan can forget the rendition from the 2016 Christmas bash, featuring “Santa Baby” from Sal Valentinetti, and the controversy that it sparked.

Klum gave Valentinetti her golden buzzer in Season 11, and he lasted all the way to fifth place in the competition. He has been singing in his cool, Sinatra-style ever since. Social media couldn't get enough of the 2016 tumble during that song, and even “Today” hosts, Hoda Kotb, who will decide on her next co-host, and Kathie Lee Gifford were a tad bit at odds over whether it was planned or an accidental slip.

A night for more than Valentinetti

The best way to whet appetites of “AGT” fans and introduce the host of “America's Got Talent: The Champions” is to have Terry Crews sharing fond Christmas memories. He shared how a Christmas gift of a flute came to matter so much in life, and “AGT” hero from Season 2, Terry Fator, whose fate was forever changed by his experience.

I also wanted to share the sad story of how Terry Crews was sexually assaulted.

Heidi Klum loved the tumbling wonders of AcroArmy, with a performance that brought their physical strength and prowess together with a child's wonder in the season. She also loved the Charles Dickens’ themed forecasting of the married couple, The Clairvoyants.

Penn & Teller played along with Piff The Magic Dragon before Klum helped Mat Franco make his snowman. The supermodel’s eyes really sparkled when Stevie Starr, known as the Professional Regurgitator, came out to decorate a tiny Christmas tree in his very unique style.

Perhaps it is Klum's German heritage that gives her the affinity for the artist with the abdomen of steel, both inside and out.

Starr started by asking Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel whether they preferred gold or silver balls on the tree, and he obediently brought them up. “I love him,” Klum interjected, in case anyone forgot her fervent support during Season 10.

After spewing “snow” on the tree, Starr left a special treat for Klum, bringing up a candy cane container, and then swallowing it all again, so he could fill it properly with tiny mistletoe. Mel B was shrinking back from being captive under the greenery, but Klum was more than willing to give Starr a smooch while Cowell held the prized décor perfectly in place.

Timed just for fun

Like clockwork, the cameras focused just to the stage when Sal Valentinetti performed the opening of “Santa Baby" and strolled to center stage in a dark blue velvet suit.

Since no shots were on Heidi Klum, the audience and anyone watching knew exactly what was coming.

Heidi Klum’s kisses with real-life boyfriend, guitarist, Tom Kaulitz, are stirring much more of a media frenzy in recent days than any of the ones with her friend from the show.