Beth Chapman, a star of “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” had emergency surgery on November 27 at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, located in Los Angeles, California. She was having problems breathing and was rushed to the hospital, where she underwent throat surgery. Beth and her famous bounty hunter husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman, were told that she has a recurrence of cancer.

Throat cancer returned, despite appearance of ‘recovering’

September 2017, she was diagnosed with throat cancer, which was Stage II. In November the same year, Dog, 65, shared the news that his wife, then 50, was “cancer free,” according to the Star Advertiser (Hawaii).

Beth appeared to be “recovering,” Perez Hilton pointed out. Two days before she was admitted to the hospital for surgery, she seemed well enough to go for a hike.

Breathing difficult night before rushed to hospital

By Monday, November 26, she experienced difficulty breathing. The next day, she was rushed to Cedar-Sinai for surgery. She has, since, left the hospital in California and has returned to the couple’s home in Colorado on December 1, In Touch Weekly reported. Dog stated that Beth was “adamant” about going home, though doctors advised her against doing so.

Dog further explained that Beth “loves” her home and Colorado, according to In Touch. He described her as “much more comfortable now,” following the surgery that entailed the removal of a “life-threatening blockage,” Perez Hilton reported.

Mass found in star’s lungs, awaiting biopsy results

In Touch cited details about cancer that was obstructing Beth’s ability to breathe well. The cancerous “lump” was reportedly “twice the size of the mass” that was discovered in 2017. To enable her to breathe, “doctors cut a hole in her throat,” Dog told the publication. It was during the surgery that doctors also discovered “a mass in her lungs.”

In addition to the surgery to remove the growth in her throat, Beth also underwent a biopsy.

The pathology report indicating whether the cancer has metastasized is expected today (December 3), according to the details that Dog provided.

Dog did household chores at home in Colorado

While leaving California and going to the plane, Dog said that his wife did use a wheelchair. She also used a wheelchair after they arrived in Colorado.

Dog stated that he had “made sure” to do the chores so that his wife could recover. He assured her that he took care of the things she tried to do around the house.

Bounty hunter ‘nervous’ waiting

He spoke with Radar Online on Saturday, admittedly “nervous” about the outcome of the biopsy. He stated, “It’s like you kinda know what’s gonna happen, but you’re hoping and praying it’s not.” Following Beth’s surgery, Dog posted on Facebook on November 29. By that time, news of the emergency surgery reached a score of people worldwide.

TV icon says ‘bend in the road’ and not ‘end of the road’

He appeared to have posted to help ease the worry that the couple’s fans and followers were feeling. Dog commented, “Another bend in the road, yet not the end of the road.” His message accompanied a picture of the couple in Beth’s hospital bed.

Beth recently shared a photo taken with Dog on her Instagram account. Her caption reflected that it was on Thanksgiving “a long time ago” that their “love affair” began. Beth conveyed her hope that fans and social media followers had as special a day as theirs each November.

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